Thinking of starting online cam /OF

Hi everyone,

Was wondering if anyone would be able to give advice. I have been thinking about starting up a cam /OF profile and wondered what others experiences has been like?
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I started one a while ago and posted a handful of pics but haven’t continued with it. I personally found it really difficult as I was working from home and it was too time consuming. I also wanted to do it anonymously without showing my face, so trying to choose poses and so on became a bit of an obstacle especially trying to promote myself I had no idea how to start and get followers. Oh and I have no idea how to take amazing photos with editing, good lighting etc, so felt I couldn’t give anything special.

However it’s something I still love the idea of and might give it another go if I can commit the time.

My experience was a failure but I’m sure others can give better advice!!


I am sure that there a number of forum users who will be able to give you an unbiased view on what you are wanting to do.


I have one set up and like @PrettyKitty24 mine is also a failure. Just got to find people who are interested in your content ideas.


Hey @FoxyLea87! I think it depends on what your reasons are for wanting to start it. I don’t have any first hand experience so not much help on actual advice I’m afraid, but I think with any form of sex work it’s good to be clear in your mind what you want from it.

If it’s just to have a space where you can express your sexuality and how hot you are, with money as a nice addition, then things like following won’t matter so much, and you can have fun with it! Could also be a fun way of exploring a different side to you too.

If the sole reason is to earn money, then I’d say there’s a couple of factors to consider. Make sure you really want to do it and feel comfortable with what it entails, and that you’d be able to stop if it turned out to be something that wasn’t for you (for example you’re not doing it just because you feel you have no other option). I’ve listened to a couple of podcasts about OF’s and they both spoke a lot about how much work they actually needed to put into it, not just with pictures/videos but social media and almost advertising to gain a following. I’d also recommend setting yourself boundaries for what you’re comfortable with - for example whether private chats/videos are okay, face shown etc and stick to these. Also checking in with your partner and agreeing boundaries (and continue to do this throughout as thoughts can change).

Hopefully someone with first hand experience will reply and give some actual advice/tips but thought I’d throw a few thoughts out :blush:


I said it on a thread to a forum user before and I’ll say it again, having a friend who has done it and had issues.

Beware of the back lash it comes with.

Don’t do it and not tell people because or be ashamed or secretive etc because it’ll not work
Someone will find you

Don’t do it “for quick easy money” because it’s not

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