Uploading profile pictures?

I'm really having trouble uploading pictures to my profile- I'd like to update it from the generic one that appears.

I've tried 5-6 different pictures, nothing raunchy and they're below the 500k but each time it just says there's been a problem. Could someone offer advice?

The picture I really want is as follows:



Each time I just get:

"There was a problem uploading your image."

There is a known problem with uploading profile pictures at the moment. There is a post about it somewhere, will have to see if i can find it.

This is mentioned on the glitches thread. Nothing wrong with what you're doing, there's just a bug in the system preventing uploading and changing of profile photos at the moment. You should still be able to upload pictures to your account though

I haven't been able to upload pictures on my account lately so I think that might be glitchy too.

One day it will get fixed lol

Cant be anything major as it was working before :)

But at least lovehoney are aware of it

That sucks :( I had a cute picture lined up. I wonder why the representative I spoke to on the help chat didn't mention it...

Thanks all for the help xx

you can still upload pictures to your profie though, just not your avitar one :)

Guess I'll just do that for now then :) thanks for the help <3

your welcome ![](upload://ez5kOkpKXRZOxjavAURYmQxVTau.gif)