Valentine’s Day plans

Any plans for St. Valentine’s Day you fabulous, flirty, filthy, romantic, adorable lot?

Spill the beans on any food titbits, romantic ideas, meal dates, naughty secrets, kinky shenanigans or new toys / clothing you have up your mischievous sleeves.

Spoiler for me, cue the tiny violins, I’m still working away in the middle of the North Sea. So, my exciting evenings entertainment will be 50+ big hurly dudes, canteen food, zero alcohol and maybe some steamy sexting to my poly partner later……sorry to shatter the mood there :rofl:.
Although we do have planned a belated valentines when I’m back on terra ferma.

Whatever your plans have an amazing time all :heart:


We have some new lingerie arriving on Valentines Day.

A Fierce lace up leather look body for her and matching Fierce lace up backless leather look knickers for me.

We’re going out to a Valentines special gig at a local music cafe in the evening but I imagine we’ll have made good use of the lingerie before then.

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We’re finally going to try the new dildo in the harness. we’ve had it almost 7 months now. I used it once by myself but never for pegging.

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We are taking a few days off, starting tomorrow. We have a hotel booked and our favourite toys packed, plus I have some new lingerie to show him. :heart_eyes_cat:

A bit of strip tease and at least one pegging is planned as well as a sensual massage promised. Then bath sex.

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Being single I try to make myself forget the whole day so guess my plans would involve a frying pan to the head lol :fried_egg: