Wands that make you squirt?

Just wondered if there was a particular wand that does the following:

A). Gives a bloody good orgasm
B). Makes you squirt more than any other toy you've used.

I want to buy my wife a wand to try as a surprise, am afraid budget is also a consideration but I believe there's a good range to choose from.

Thanks for looking.😉

Wands for me give a great clitoral orgasm but don't make me squirt. I don't know about the other ladies.

Thanks for your reply RosyCheek, I know not every girl squirts but interested to know if any wand you've used made you squirt more than any other toy? I'm not overly bothered if my wife squirts, if she does then great if not hey ho.😊

Squirting is predominantly an internal thing. Yeah, clit stim can cause it, but it's more likely to come from g-spot stim, which a wand won't do (without an attachment). If you're looking for the best kind of wand though, Doxy is your best bet! Personally it doesn't make me squirt, but it's hands down the best wand I've ever tried :-)

Do you extra powerful or lelo smart wand large. Aim for rumbly vibes.

The same as the other responses really, I wouldn't be able to squirt with a wand alone, totally need the internal stimulation. There are only a few extra poweful wands available so may be worth reading some of the reviews and seeing what would suit your wife.

Might be worth considering a nice powerful g-spot vibe too, if seeing if she can squirt is amongst the aims.

I'm not sure that I've ever squirted from using a wand. A glass, metal or silicone g-spot dildo is much more likely to do that. (Think njoy pure wand, the satisfy me curve dildo or the clear dildo from the Tracey Cox kit)

Having said that, wands are great for clitoral and general vulva stimulation. I can have a very intense orgasm at the hands of the Doxy, but I've heard great things about the Holy Cow wand from the Fifty Shades range if that's a little bit more affordable.

For us it's a couple of fingers pumping or rubbing the g spot. Vibrations don't seem to cut it for squirting, good orgasms yes, but not squirting.

Doxy ......does it every time for me xx

Thanks for the replies to my post guys, will check out a couple of your suggestions.👍

I have squirted the most with my lovehoney deluxe wand,that plugs inup the wall.

Never squirted like that /no insertion internally before the wand BTW.

The Doxy wand makes me squirt every time. Even without internal stimulation.