Wanting to start.

I really like the idea of bondage, and the bloke has expressed if not an interest than a sign that he could become so. but because I don't really know much or know how in to the idea he is, could someone recommend me something to try out? Preferably very inexpensive (even if it's not an actual toy lol) cos we're skint.

We've tried handcuffs, but I want something a little kinkier.

Get down to B&Q & get some of that inch thick luggage strap type nylon webbing by the metre, (it's in the bit where you buy all the ropes & chains (worth pondering)). You can get the black slippy in buckle bits to go on it in seperate packets. Add a bit of time and imagination & you can have a full set of cuffs straps & whatever for about a tenner,(speaks the voice of experience). Roll of Love Honey bondage tape for £6.99ish makes a better gag. I'm sure he'll thank you or it if you let him. The thick white silky rope in B&Q is good too but more expensive.

Also, try pet shops (or pet departments of big stores). You can get very pretty nylon straps that are intended as collars for tiny dogs (shitsu's etc!) and they work extremely well as wrist or ankle cuffs!

If you live in a country area with one of those 'farmers' co-operative' type shops handy, there are all sorts of goodies available there that will serve extremely well in a bondage situation!

However, pleae avoid buying the little devices that sheep farmers use for putting tight rubber rings on the tails of newborn lambs! Never, EVER think of putting the tight rubber rings on ANY male appendages that you think might come in useful some day ...

Crayola, I was thinking the same thing last week, and when perusing lovehoney found a bondage set for £30. It had a flogger, spanker, ball gag, mask?, good leather wrist restraints and this strange cock ring thing that i'm still not sure about.


Unfortunately it's been discontinued.

I was looking at the bondage belt- if I'd had the cash...

I never thought of B&Q or pet stores. Hmm- I feel a shopping trip coming on.

You asked for something cheap. Oh and the chains in B&Q dont need padlocks, a bag of suitably sized nuts & bolts will do.

If you're wanting a cheapish belt of bondage toys Ann Summers do a similiar one for £30.


Damnit Graymatter - you beat me to it! missed out on my chance to flog some more of my AS goods haha! :)