Wax? cream?shave?

Good evening all.
New to this posting thing. I have spent many times reading through posts and forums. Enjoying the naughty and nice and all things kinky.

Recently new to the manscaping But! I am wanting to do the whole sack and crack sorta thing. What would most people recommend?!
I normally shave but stubble arrives quick and with going to gym it becomes uncomfortable.
So any advice is Good?!

I shave regularly and sometimes get my wife to shave me. By regularly shaving stubble is not a problem. Tried waxing but always missed some hairs plus it is mighty painful, I don't know how girls can stand the pain! Have not tried creams as shaving is ok for me.

If regrowth is your issue I’d defiantly recommend waxing, your hair will also regrow less ‘sharp’, it is painful mind, but it becomes something you get used to 🙂 find a salon though, don’t attempt it yourself!

I use softsheen magic shaving powder, it is a depilatory cream and works amazing. Much care must be taken however or you can hurt yourself with it. Gets me smoother than shaving and regrowth is not prickly at all. I use it about every 10 days normally. I couldn’t get on with shaving, too much irritation. I have also learned to wax, strips, warm wax and sugaring for the mrs(she has me wax most of her body hair).

Of the three, I don’t use the warm wax much anymore, sugaring seems to work much better on the pubic area and hurts less, plus it’s not hot. She’s highly sensitive to pain as well but she takes it really well, whereas warm wax would bring out that violent look in her eyes lol. I don’t wax though because I haven’t found a way to wax my balls and results from cream are nearly as good.

Be aware, if you choose waxing or cream, while the results are sublime right after, the cycle includes periods where you will have short regrowth for several days or weeks in the case of waxing, while you wait for the hair to get long enough for the wax to grab or for the cream to have something to do. Sorry for the ramble.

If you were to consider permanent hair reduction, laser.

If you were to consider permanent and total hair removal, electrolysis is the only truely permanent method. Done about once a month it'll take an average of 5 years.