weight preference?

I am what i call cuddly. im a 14 on the bottom and 18/20 on top. i am trying to lose weight but my OH thinks i look great as i am. I recently posted a status on facebook saying how proud i was of the fact ive lost 3 and a half stone in 20 months. my OH's ex then posted a status about how shes so glad shes put a bit of weight on and now weighs 6 stone!! she now gets called "little miss lollipop" by me, not meaning to offend anybody its just what she looks like!

what do you prefer? larger or smaller? xx

Good question I like smaller coz my wife is petite with a lovely pert derriere but my first love was a big girl and i loved that too.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

I wish i had the brains to think up stuff like that

and i wish I had the brains to post once instead of twice

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im sure you think up of good things all the time! xx

My partner used like slim petite wmen, but now he prefers larger ladies like myself. He says there`s more to cuddle

There has been plenty of threads with the same theme.

Its a good job we are all different and i dont mean to be `mean' but who cares if you are bigger on top than bottom unless of course it bothers you. If you feel better for losing weight ... great. Some people want to put on weight but cant.

I have found as i got older i preffered taller bulkier men but that doesnt mean i would have ignored other shaped men. I just got lucky with my husband i guess. He has the perfect frame!! oopps .. there really isnt a perfect frame is there, its in the eye of the beholder..

bi-bbw wrote:

My partner used like slim petite wmen, but now he prefers larger ladies like myself. He says there`s more to cuddle

I think many men are like that, you like the size of your partner because that is the size she is, my wife has gained and lost weight through the years, strangely shes always been just the right size for me, even when 9 months pregnant.

well i thought i looked better at a size 10/12 but then all of my friends said they thought i looked anorexic and i had alot of comments about my boobs being fake, even though they arent. personally im not happy being larger but people say i look 10 times better. xx

funny. i have 3 brothers and had a weard conversation on this reasntly. i like skinny women say 6 8 and 1 of my bro say the same and the other 2 are the oppiset they like bigger girls 10 14. every1 has ther own taste.

Like a lot of women, my wife gained quite a bit of weight after having a couple of children (combined with a thyroid condition). But to be honest I didn't find her any less attractive or sexy.

I have to amit to liking the way her libido has rocketed since she lost a couple of stone though.

I'm no "Shallow Hal". There's more to beauty and sexuality than just the figure imho.

I'm much, much more into squishy zaftig ladies and bigger men. Skinny guys and girls aren't really my thing.

It's all personal preference :D

I think being healthy is more important than size or weight. I'm a size 16, but being 6ft tall i wouldnt say that is overly large, and usually feel great just the way i am, though like most women, i have my "fat" days.

I look and feel better thinner, and prefer how I look too. I've had to put on a small amount of weight due to health and it's hard to cope with. I think really it depends on the person, and their own personal choice regarding their weight and size.

With my partner I would like him to be thinner than he is, as I know that's what he want. Due to his health he has gains a bit and can't loose it easily.

I don't have a preference as such....? I like ladies tall slim with nice domed cheeks and a large shoe size! But I don't mind a lady that are stronger then me and she is bigger build them me too!

I personally like small ladies too, so in that sence I don't really have a weight prerence, but I am more in for tall,slim and nice curves and large shoe size!

I'm a size 16 and weigh just under 13 stone. Oddly enough I had a chat with the doctor yesterday about my weight as I feel it's too heavy for my body. She assured me it's ok and to just exercise and be careful with what I eat.
I've never asked my oh but he knows with pcos it's hard to slim down and well if he didn't like me as I am, I doubt he'd be with me.

my man is cuddly a nice squidgy belly to cuddle at night ,but I also like looking at men with rippling muscles i guess if i find a mans eyes or face attractive the rest of the package is a bonus!!

oooh totally agree .... I do like cuddling the OH. Im attracted to arms and back of necks :-/

my oh is very 'average'- not skinny but not even close to being 'big' and that' what i like. i don't like scrawny guys but wouldn't want to be with anyone overweight anyway as i would be scared for their health all the time.

i am pretty skinny though- 5'4 and only just 7 stone which is the highest weight i have ever been. i am just one of those annoying people who eat and eat and never put weight on and then complain that all clothes are too big!

I was a size 6 when i met my husband and 5 foot 3 and he loved my shape,now after 2 babies im a size 14 and he says he loves my shape now more than ever,thank god...I'll never be a size 6 again lol.

So I guess it's all about who is looking and confidance I think.

same here! eat all day and not get big! same with using weights! get stronger but still can't put it on.