Wet look boots

My wife has a lush pair of legs. I want to get her some wet look one (i love them) she has a latex alergy any ideas where i can get a pair? Budget £100 is this ridiculous? Thanks in advance


I bought some overknee boots from asos (not sure I should be promoting another retailer?) They have quite a lot of choice to suit all budgets. Good luck!


Depending on what your look is, pleaser do a great selection of shoes, stilettos/knee high/etc

My mrs has some stilettos that suit most outfits and it adds an extra level of hotness that I can’t describe and she says there really comfy as well. Only downside is it takes a while to get from America.

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Dont panic on the inside livehoney section asked if its something theyd look at because it is a part of sex. Women wearing heels during. Crazy hot. Admin for them i know but worth it.

Thank you btw ill check it out.

You have a £100 budget - I bought some f••k me boots about a year ago - so good and well under £50

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Ohh tell me more. Where should i be looking. Asos has been mentioned

I got mine at Debenhams called lexi - less than £25 and no good to walk in - but omg how sexy

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Ego boots and shoes or Luxe to kill.

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