What are you craving right now?

A Costco pizza. I think about those on a daily basis but our own is so far away :pizza:

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a day off, bloody knackered


It’s the best I can drink straight from the bottle it’s lovely lol so you’ve been Edinburgh yea

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@Pussygalore3 yes! I proposed to my husband there many years ago. I also have family there (though not in touch) so I have fond memories and NOTHING comes close to chip shop broon sauce!

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Well if I wasn’t going to game I would have to say OH pussy and her girly cock

Oh did ya , nice one , yea love it there hoping to move back there , in the future, love Edinburgh and the broon sauce lol

Corned beef & cabbage, currently in the crock pot. Due out in a little over an hour!

Everyones Irish on St Patricks day :shamrock:

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A decent nights sleep and my body not waking me up at 5am lol

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Came out delish. Even my OH, who usually doesn’t have seconds, and worries about salt, chowed right down!

After the Coq au Vin last night, we’ve had two big dinners in a row! I’m thinking maybe popcorn for din-din tomorrow.