What do people wear in bed?

It's lovely in the summer when a silky slip will do - easy to sleep in, easy to make love.

It's winter, though - and January. I huddle up in my pjs (Hush ones, usually, so still nice enough) but it isn't the same, or as easy. We live in the wild north, so sometimes I even add a wrap.

Do others stick with summer floaty stuff and add an extra duvet, or what?

Just interested... I find winter a bit of a passion killer because the room is colder - less nude romping.

I know we could use a heater, but then it would be too hot to sleep afterwards...

Maybe we need to investigate more undercover work, but not in the style of past generations... :-)

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Sleep naked all year

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Just panties...or naked...but sexy underwear...footwear or outfit if requested...šŸ¤Ŗ


I wear my underwear in bed. As time goes on it will be more and more thongs than any other style my OH love to play with my arse cheeks

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Naked all year round. Good duvet.

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Always naked, always šŸ˜œ!


We are naked all the year round. We keep the house fairly warm, as I have shoulder trouble if the house is cold, especially overnight. A side effect of it being warm is that I wear less all the time, so husband rather likes it.

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Iā€™m always naked, hate wearing anything in bed.

Butt naked here! Hate sleeping with clothes on...

Naked for me, missus just a thong. We just change the duvet to suit the season. Means we can always cuddle and not get too hot/cold.

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Naked all year round.

We are both naked all year. I may go to bed wearing a small top now and again xx

Well, that's a pretty convincing response! Thanks, folks. I'll stick with slinky slips as we are quite an open household and teenage sons tend to wander in in the mornings, but I think I need to go duvet shopping... and add bedding layers which can be thrown off or piled on...(and up the heating a bit - our bedroom is the coldest room with a big draughty bay window - might go curtain shopping too!)

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Brushed cotton quilt cover can be very warm

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Naked all the way... Also love it when my wife sleeps naked or in lacey underwear...

Either pyjamas or naked

Personally I'm naked all year, but if we are cold we have a throw for the bed that keeps us warm. If I'm staying with friends I have to wear lounge shorts and a T-shirt, not sexy but it spares them the embarrassment of me naked.

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Naked all year round as I find it much more comfortable in bed. In winter time I am naked as soon as it is dark and we've closed the curtains.

Naked all the time unless I'm a bit under the weather

Got into the habit of sleeping naked a few years ago ...I find it much more comfortable than wearing anything.