What's the axe?

@rockstar, i need to know.

What’s the axe in your profile pic?
It looks to have a beautiful maple quilted top, whatever version of ES 335 that is.

It’s had me wondering for a while!!! :rofl:

I made it myself.

It’s based on a 335 but it’s not hollow so I downsized it slightly to reduce weight. It has a quilted maple top but has a mahogany back and a mahogany/maple/bubinga laminated through neck. The fingerboard is rosewood. The pickups are Van Zandt and the tuners are locking Spertzels.
The controls are Volume, Tone, rotary coil tap switch and rotary in/out of phase switch.


Very impressive.
I have a dream about making my own axe one day…

Did you chamber the mahogany to help with weight relief too?
I assume you laminated the neck blank yourself?
I guess making it a neck through sort of solves the problem of getting the neck pocket exactly right for gluing a set neck.

I chambered the body behind the F holes and the control cavity.

The through neck means no neck joint but it complicates the construction of the body as you have to glue the rear mahogany wings on first then level the surface and glue on the maple caps all with the neck already in place. Setting the neck angle on a through neck is trickier too.

I assume i didnt consider the neck angle at 4° or so on gibson type build.

Bet its an axe you’re very proud to play, it looks superb anyway.

I’d like to build an amp too one day… but the current collection/time availability is seriously getting in the way, we’re already 3 years into a house renovation/extension project thats not finished yet.

And here was me thinking it was a guitar. !!
Only joking guys, impressed with your obvious passion.