What's your fantasy?

Me and girlfriend finally tried it a few weeks ago, best experience we’ve had, so hot, hooking up with a different girl this weekend we can’t wait

When we go away on Friday, our accommodation has a balcony. So there’s a lot of fantasies and different scenarios going around my head, of what we can do in the dark :smirk:


Why the dark

Cos I’m pretty sure we’ll get kicked out if we’re seen doing anything during the day :joy: we’re staying at Butlin’s, and our accommodation is a 2 story chalet and there’s others around too, their situated around a lake. During the day it’s obvious what we’ll be doing.

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Fair comment thought it may have been abroad

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Maybe one year :crossed_fingers:

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Fair play for A) trying it
B) jumping in full on/embracing it
C) proving a point

I will say, for me, my mrs and i done something like this, and she dressed up etc and i was more into the dress up than her doing anything else that happened that night lol


The pjs snacks and cheesy TV sounds like a good fantasy. Definitely going to be trying that on the weekend :smiley:


Nothing major, just would like my wife to initiate and take control


Not my all time fantasy but it is today’s fantasy and that is to get in from work today get myself bathed shaven top and bottom relaxed and go into bedroom where my OH is lying on the bed with her thigh high boots on elbow length satin or latex gloves with her legs bent at the knees one hand holding a thin cigar and wearing her harness with her 8” girly cock attached and stroking it oh and I forgot to mention her lips done with as she calls it sluttiest red lipstick


@TPTS yeah i know that feeling :face_exhaling::face_exhaling::face_exhaling:

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Might be too graphic , WARNING ! My fantasy is to have a month where everybody that depends on me mentally and financially takes care of themselves and their problems . I could relax and have a restful month of playing in whatever manner sexually I could think of . Day after day of laying in the sun and going for motorcycle rides and maybe even use my motorhome a few times . Even have a little time for some fishing . Boy , am I a dreamer .


Sounds idyllic.

I take there’s no chance of that happening