Why are we here?

Just want to say every item we have reviewed on here we do actually have. Nearly all bought from love honey. We even have some we haven't reviewed yet. Why do we buy them? Cos they are fun! Do we need them? No! We go on holiday and shag like rabbits. Not a toy in sight! Mrs Sexybeast says if you can't take it with you wear it out. She's right! After all you can't leave that to the kids can you. So come on chaps and chapesses what is it that does it for us and why have we got the guts to be different to those who say. Oh I don't need that kind of stuff meaning sod off show my wife that and she'll never let me back in bed again. But its not like that. Mrs sexybeast also says that its all very nice but its not like the feel of my warm throbbing cock.
So for us sex toys believe it or not (if you see what we have got i.e. look at the reviews) are mostly foreplay!
so come on Guys and Gals or turn it round if you prefer. What floats your boat! To share is to care.
Some time ago we were asked to talk to some geek wanting to do a programme on telly and we ALL ignored it. But lets talk to each other and share what we think is the business and why. I don't mean individual items but a style of things. To start the ball rolling I'm not small but I love big dildo's but they have to feel real. Every woman deserves to be fucked (unless she nags) by 8" or more even if its only made by clever buggers with moulding machines. It doesn't detract from the man, it only shows the man cares enough to do it for her. Without fear. So lets talk to each other what does it for you and why.