Why do my ❤️ Saved Items keep disappearing?

Hi. I am having trouble with my Wishlist disappearing and I have no idea why. I joined the Love Honey website about two weeks ago and about once a week on a random day, I will log in and my entire Wishlist is cleared and I have to find and add everything to my Wishlist again which is super annoying and inconvenient for me. I have had to write down all the names of the stuff on my Wishlist on my notes on my phone because I can’t remember all of them. I have contacted customer service about it but they have no idea what is going on so I was wondering if anyone here knows what is going on?


Hello and welcome @sharbur :slightly_smiling_face:

That sounds annoying. Someone mentioned something similar a few weeks back, but I’ve not been able to replicate it myself.

You could pop a note in the Glitches topic and that might get the ball rolling on a fix? :crossed_fingers:

As a possible workaround, www.lovehoney.fr is still in the old format, so you could log in there and put a wishlist together (and then email it yourself for safekeeping). I don’t know how long it’ll be before it gets swopped over though, so it’s not a long term fix.


Hi @sharbur and welcome to the forum :wave:t2:.

I’m not sure what country you’re in, but the UK site has been migrated onto a different new platform. Wishlists aren’t available on there, you can just save items and those should still be there when you log in.

I don’t know if LH are changing over various international websites and that could possibly be a reason at a guess if you’re not UK based?

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Yeah I am based in the uk. It seems to happen whenever I log in a lot and I have been doing that a lot recently in my sex toy research etc.

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It seems to happen whenever I log in a lot and I have been doing that a lot recently in my sex toy research etc maybe that is why it keeps deleting itself?


Same thing happens to me every few days so I can’t save anything.

Also last night I just realised that, everytime I switch forum to the shopping site, I become logged out.

And another thing, if I add something to to my basket when I’m not signed in - once I then sign in, all the items that were previously in my basket have disappeared :persevere:

So many frustrating things going on at the moment, I’ve been patiently waiting for them to get fixed :woman_shrugging:

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So I think this is the key for the issue of the saved items being wiped :rage:, or at least seems the common denominator when I get the issue.

If you add something to your basket and then sign in the site then thinks what you have in your basket and your saved list (which would be empty as you were not signed in) is then what should be in those places when your signed in. So it deletes and replaces the saved list.

This is obviously even easier to do as the site logs you out when you come of the tab so you have to re-log in more than you should which creates more chances to wipe your wishlist as you may have added something to your saved lidt without realising you were logged out by switching tabs for a brief period before then signing in. This I think then replaces your saved list with which ever items you just saved when logged out. (old site used to force you to log in to add to wishlist to avoid this issue me thinks :thinking:)

I haven’t put this to the test as I have too much in my saved items but since I have been very careful with logging in and adding things to the basket I have not had anything wiped yet :upside_down_face:


I think you may be right.
I’m not sure with the saved items so I am going to add a couple of items and put it to the test.

Hmm, I don’t have this problem at all, so if that’s what it is it isn’t universal. If I’m logged out and add things to my basket or saved list and then log in after that then the items successfully get added to the relevant places.

Could it be something to do with cookies or your browser?

It happens to me on my iPhone (safari) in the scenario @LuciousLegs described.

I’m also having same issue

OK so I’ve been doing a test and it seems for the past week or so I have managed to keep items in the basket and on my wishlist.

This is because I have been very careful not to add items to the wishlist or the basket when I am not signed in.

The problem is everything I switch from the forum to the shopping site - I get signed out so I have to make sure I keep signing back in before adding to wishlist or basket.

Pretty annoying.

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Argh, so I made a big boo boo last night.

I had a bunch of items in my basket after looking through the sale items.
Anyway, I was back in the forum doing some reading.

Then I went back to the shopping site, got excited and quickly added something to my basket… Only to realise what I had just done.

Went and logged in to find that all my previous items were removed from basket and just the new one was there :woman_facepalming:
It’s such an easy mistake to make.

@Lovehoney_Brenna is there a possibility that anything can be done about this?
Maybe if you try and add something to basket without being logged in, it can ask if you want to log in first?

On the plus side however, the saved items seem to be fixed as these ones didn’t get removed and have actually stayed in there for over a week! :+1:

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I’ve passed your query along :slight_smile:


Just saw this thread. I am having the same issue. x

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