Women's honest opinions on size!???

Would appreciate honest comments please,! Good or bad!

Size on what exactly?


Well I'm not going to state a certain size, that would be wrong. But somethng that satifies me, current situ states my oh doesn't and is of less than average size, but he's girthy! So some bad and good for me!

I would love bigger...... yes being honest!

Never really worried about it to be honest as I'm just glad it works, but have noticed while peeing alongside my mates that I'm smaller than the rest

Thanks for your answer, .. So would size influence your choice of partner? If your other half was small would you have continued your relationship ??

No way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Been together 29 yrs so far..for now any way!...You don't start a relationship with a person for what size cock they have, what size their vag is or tits!

It's the whole package!

It's not the size that matters too much it's the technique on using it that counts .![](upload://h7LJ67OOrR57VDYrj5ZEwwHAfLG.gif)


Thanks, I've never had any complaints but sometimes still wonder!
Now I've got size sorted, what sort of time should I be lasting!! As I've got older it seems to get quicker and quicker!

Supascoopa wrote:

Thanks, I've never had any complaints but sometimes still wonder!
Now I've got size sorted, what sort of time should I be lasting!! As I've got older it seems to get quicker and quicker!

If you find your not lasting long enough then try a cock ring .A rechargeable vibrating type is probably be best. It will also keep you very big .It will also stimulate your woman as well when you make love.

Do they actually work??

Mine works with me. With me being over 50 I do get mild E D from time to time. The vibrating cock ring keeps me big for a long time and stimulates the Mrs. For best results mine works better if my m Mrs is on top ie. Cowgirl or reverse Cowgirl. The latter is my favourite as I can spank my Mrs 'arse when she is riding me.

If you do go for one then get a decent quality one .

I'll be getting one then I think!
One more thing... Have you any advice on viagras??

I didn't want chemicals in my body . Plus do you really want an erection all the time? It's difficult when you want to use the loo as an erected manhood wants to point upwards but to urinate you need to point downwards. Hence the problem.

I'm a virgin just gong off of dildo size here. I don't like girthy, at all. I prefer length as i like a gentle pressure on my cervix, but i just can't orgasm with girthy toys. Anything over 4 inch girth gets painful and seems to surpess the ability to orgasm. I have a fairly short vaginal canal anyway, 6 1/2 inches max, so average is more than enough.

Would it affect my choosing of a partner, no, as sex isn't really important to me, if we couldn't work sexually i'd still be happy.

Ok so I'm going for an answere all your questions in one go type of answere.

Be happy with yourself, you don't have to be hung like a donkey to please a woman or a man. In my experienc and from chatting with friends (streight and gay) it's more about the love for the other person, and the forplay. One of my friends has a boyfriend that could be described as a tripod. But he has no technique, and she often struggles to orgasm with him. On the other hand one of my other friends describes her husband as "a grower not a shower", and he satisfys her every time. it's much more important to get to know your partner, what they like, what turns them on, than what size you are.

Timing, this varies a lot depending on the build up. Sometimes it can be a short passionate engagement, and others a half the night session, with me keeping the neighbours awake all night. Again into more about the build up. If your worried about your staminer, try a cock ring, or maybe try edging, it really does work. Alternatively if your over and done too soon and your partner is not satisfied, then there is always oral sex, and toys to satisfy them.

For me the key it to be happy with yourself, know your partners likes and dislikes, and enjoy yourself, don't spoil things worrying about technicalities.

Listen, it's about the technique, not the size.

I've been with men that have huge dicks, and girthy too. But it didn't do anything for me because he just thought he could shove it in and that was all he had to do. My partner has a decent size, and girthy too, and majority of the time always does the job.

As Fun Louise said, you don't have to be hung like a donkey to please somebody, it's all in the technique. As long as he pleases me I'm not too bothered.

Well, contrary to most, I think size does matter. Just not in the way you'd think. If one is too small or too big for their partner, the sexual compatibility might be compromised and this can lead to frustrations. I do believe if there's a will, there's a solution to any problem though between the two parties involved. But I think having 'a good match' sizewise is rather important in the long run. Mind you, I am talking about compatibility, and size does not matter in the way people throw around this phrase meaning 'the bigger the better'. Mother Nature is a very smart lady, there's a reason why "average" has become "average" over the milleniums: it means most females can be satisfied with average penises.

@mysteron: You do know Viagra is not supposed to give you an erection "all the time"? Viagra will only help open up the bloodflow to your penis. It will not make you erect on its own, you still need to be aroused / stimulated for the erection to occur.

i always do the job with my mouth before i do anything else so by then it wouldnt matter as much anyway. im only average size i think, bout 7,average girth. always leave her satisfied tho. but having been married 27 years i guess i should know how to