Your favourite GSpot toy

I’ve never had a gspot orgasm - poor me - and I’m fed up of missing out.

With the current LH sale on I thought I’d get myself something new to try and attempt to experience gspot pleasure. Does anyone have any toys they would recommend for a newbie that does the job?


Worth every penny.


I’ve never found a g spot toy that did anything for me when I was operating it. I think because of the angle, I’m probably more in and down, whereas it needs to be in and up. I’m not sure if it’s still on sale, but the Agent Provocateur Cha Cha Cha was the closest I got when operated by my partner.

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Omg definitely the double ended glass dildo thank me later. I’ve never squirted before now I can’t stop

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I’ve tried quite a few and only two do it for me.

The first is the Cha-Cha-Cha mentioned by @JoCat above. Currently out of stock so doesn’t help with your sale hunt but it’s brilliant. Not the most powerful vibrations but just the perfect flex, feel and penetrating vibes to hit the spot perfectly for me. My full review can be found here if you want a read.

The second is the Joy Roller, which is very different but very powerful and a great shape to hold and use. Looks a bit odd with the massager on it but it’s so effective to use. Also, is on sale, albeit not with a huge discount. Full review here.

Long list of ones that don’t work for me too, but the two above are both great.


This glass dildo hits my G spot and makes me squirt :sweat_drops: which I’d never done before.


interesting, thanks for sharing this @having-fun
we recently picked up the njoy steel version of the one you have. I’m not sure how they compare size wise but the one we got seemed smaller than expected. the heft of the weight is impressive. we’ve not had a chance to make use of it, just yet.


Oh, I’ve looked at that a few times and wondered if it would be different to the glass one I have. The glass one is weighty and when it first arrived I thought it was huge! Let us know how you get on with it


@having-fun My wife just learned to squirt recently and we both really enjoyed it. So far it’s been just from me fingering her gspot. I saw the glass toy you recommended and wondered about trying it out. Seems like you approve. Do you feel it mainly for solo or could someone else be in control of it? Thanks

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Congratulations on the :sweat_drops:

I use this glass dildo with my OH. He uses it on me while I use my clit sucker at the same time.

I rarely use it solo as I have other toys that I prefer.


My wife rarely has g spot orgasm without other stimulation, but do find that some toys are very pleasurable and make orgasms stronger.
This Mantric is great!
I love using it with her. Really easy and sexy.
We have the Lovense Lush Egg too.
The Womanizer OG is a LOT of fun and gets here there :heart::star_struck::blush::pray:


I really like this - it’s metal but covered in silicone

desire dildo

My favourite g spot toy is my 2 fingers :wink: when i use fingers i :sweat_drops: every time!
I have a lot of toys but no one make me :sweat_drops:

Njoy Pure Wand for us. Makes my wife gush with very little effort.

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