Your naughtiest experience in public

We’d have no chance with this one. The trains around here cum past once a hour if you’re lucky! :joy:

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Some amazing stories

The OH had an idea few years ago to play in public, daring each other to show off. This included our trip to a well known shop where the wife wanted new lingerie. These shops have lingerie section and toy section, with changing room near to sex toy area. I was wandering around the toy area whilst OH tried on the corset she wanted. I got tapped on the should by OH and as i turned to see her, she was standing there wearing ONLY the corset! I could not believe her bravery. She quickly nipped back into the changing room, but i was totally shocked and speechless, stood drooling. There wasnt anyone else in the shop, that i saw anyway. The cashier was smiling ear to ear when i paid, not sure what she saw or heard. We still have that corset which reminds me of that day.


I can understand why you found this enjoyable, as long as you bear in mind that there is a chance this could have been captured by the store CCTV and you are then trusting anyone with access to the cameras to NOT record this and then post it online.

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Completely different take on You’ve Been Framed!

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Many years ago had a pub car park blowjob from my then girlfriend. She gulped a bit when I came, realised the only clean up she could do was to swallow…so she did​:wink:

Hmmm - tricky to know where to start!

I once had sex in a youth hostel in Prague with a guy on his stag do whilst all his friends were in the room ‘sleeping’. It was a pretty hot experience being watched but in hindsight probably not my finest hour :hugs: :woman_with_veil:

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Wife gave me bj in the movie theater. Alone on the top row, maybe 10 others in the theater sitting below.

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What was the movie? :joy:

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Our first was fingering her on a ferry to France on a trip with her parents. There have been plenty of times where we had sex on a walk. We used go out for dinner while she has a remote control vibrator inside her they were good times

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Wank in a cinema that was busy.

Sex at the side of a bingo hall just in an inshot doorway bit.

Blowjob on a bus late at night (I’m certain the driver knew it but didn’t say anything)

Carried away with kissing and i started sucking on her tits and fingering her on a different bus.

Sex in local woods taking the dog out.

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‘Taking the dog out’ has just got to be a euphemism!!! :joy::joy::joy:

Hence the word ‘dogging’… :joy::joy::joy:

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We weren’t dogging unfortunately as we don’t have a car. :joy::joy::joy::joy:.

There should be a dogging alternative for pedestrians :joy::joy::joy:

Loitering with intent maybe? :joy:

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How about “Loitering with Benefits”?

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A few years ago we went camping with my parents and borrowed one of their ATVs for an afternoon.

We pulled over to the side of a trail and banged in the bushes. Lots of fun!

Gave a bloke a blowjob in a small shop with a door open to the public and small swing doors for barely any privacy!:yum::sweat_drops: