Your Top 3 toys EVER ?

I have been looking through some older threads this morning and was trying to decide what my best purchase was from LH, After much thinking I could not decide on just one so thought I would share my best 3 ever & would be interseted to see if anyone else can decide on there top three ! (second option dosen't seem to be on sales now though so hope it dosen't break lol)

  1. Fleshlight (best realism)
  2. 7 speed Flamingo neck Vibe (Best orgasm)
  3. Black 3m Bondage Rope (most fun)

Not all my toys are purchased from LH but I'd have to say my top 3 in no particular order are:

Stoya Fleshlight with Destroya insert

Doc Johnson medium iridescent butt plug

Rude Boy

Incidentally, I like to use all 3 at the same time, I can get both the plug and the Rude Boy in me at the same time

Probabley not Loves Huni !

I assure you, I can definitely get the plug and the Rude Boy in me at the same time. I start off with the butt plug, and once that's in, lube up the Rude Boy and work that in from the front, if that makes sense?

So say If I were on my knees and you were looking at me from behind, the Rude Boy would be in as normal, and the butt plug would be above that. I can take pictures if you want proof :P

It took some time and pratise, not to mention a lot of lube but I finally got there in the end. I myself am shorter than your average male and I surprised even myself when I got them both in! When the butt plug arrived in the post I thought that was intimidating at first as it was almoist twice as big as my first anal trainer plug. I can now take that though with only a short warming up session beforehand.

The orgasms I;ve had with the 2 toys inside are are by far the most intense I have ever experienced, especially when I'm working the flishlight on my cock

It depends on the context, why am I in this situation? Stranded on a desert island? In that case something very reflexive and/or with flashy lights.

RO-80mm Bullet -

Tenga Flip Hole-

Lelo Bob -

No no. It would be like picking a favourite child. I couldn't possibly.

SS xx

I know what you mean - it's hard ! thats why I posted it lol !


1. Jessica Rabbit Slimline

2. G Ki

3. Tracey Cox Bullet

I know, i know. As a Lelo Mia owner i should be putting that up there for best bullet but i cant, it just doesnt have the power my good old TC bullet delivers.

Aaaand on behalf of Mr TWH:

1. Tenga Fliphole Black

2. Tenga Onacup Deep Throat Standard edition

3. Tracey Cox stroker

1. Speculum

Love the feeling of being opened wide. OH's favourite too.

2. Enjoy Pure Wand Stainless Steel Dildo

Stunning G-spot toy. Worth every penny. Makes me squirt so much.

3. Toy Joy Dazzling Extra Thick Jelly Cock

OMG! Multiple body shaking orgasms.