2024 the year of more

2024 is banging at the door and i know we have yet to go through the Christmas period but i was wondering if anyone else makes sexolutions to go alongside resolutions? for me 2024 will be the year of the whore just because it rhymes and is very fitting haha but also because i want to set myself a challenge where i orgasm atleast once a day. The science behind it sounds fascinating with research suggesting when we orgasm we release the hormone oxytocin which is a destress hormone, it is also the hormone that is said to keep our skin glowing, fresh and helps with our “happy” mood. Every year we make unrealistic or very stress inducing resolutions, fitness, dieting, quitting smoking/vaping, dry January etc which has a major strain on our mental health at any time but add into the mix it being January, middle of winter and everything is just erghhh our mental health will surely be at one of it’s lowest so adding a positive resolution into the mix can’t do anything else but help.

What are your thoughts in adding a sexolution to your list? Is it something you already do and if so what will be your sexolution you will be going forward with?



Love the name 2024 - year of the whore

As for me I just cannot get enough and I want to book more days away / holidays without the kids as I just want more total fantasy days - anything goes and no worry about a daughter walking in while I’m wearing an 8 inch dildo and my husband is dressed as a slutty secretary bent over with his knickers down :lovehoney_heart:


We did exactly this for my wife 2 years ago and we’ve stuck to it perfectly. She has had at least one orgasm every day, but frequently more, since 01/01/2022.
If she doesn’t come sometime during the day she has a nighty-night orgasm at bedtime .


Ok now i want to walk in on that! I love the sound of fantasy days! I might have to steal that 1 x


Not that it sounds she has missed 1 but if she did or it goes over usual time do you find her mood changes?


Not really.

She doesn’t actually need to orgasm every day but its part of our dynamic.

I’m the sub. I’m caged and my orgasms are severely restricted.

She’s the dom and she comes at least once a day. Sometimes she lets me give her the orgasm (with a toy) and other times she makes me watch as she does it herself. Either way it’s an expression of her control over me.


My sexolution would be to wear more women’s lingerie and relax and enjoy the pleasures it gives me and my OH as she loves to be more dominant when I’m dressed in my finery​:heart_eyes::wink:


Our Sexolution will be at least one naughty weekend away, each month with lingerie and prosecco. And one out door session each month from April to September.

We are planning to do more country walks for fitness, so some outdoor sessions should be relatively easy to fit in as we will both be wearing fitness wear.


We want to meet up with our swop friends from Germany. It’s our turn to host them and we need to get an agreed date in the diary by new year so that we have time to plan.

We are discussing whether we should have a really hedonistic holiday this year.

Plenty of outdoor sex again

Renew some of our sex toys that have seen better days.

Purchase new lingerie for the summer months.


If there was going to be any more, I’d have to hire somebody to do my housework and garden work. Or spin the Earth slower to get 3-4 extra hours. Time-wise, I’m not sure how possible it would be to regularly do it more than 4 or 5 times a day. :smirk:

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This year I made the resolution of putting myself out there more and to just go with it and experience things but ironically fate decided to make everything go in opposite direction and it’s been pretty crap to say the least lol

Sorry to hear that @AJSTAR.

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Strange how it happens whenever you try to make the efforts :sweat_smile: least I can say it’s not been down to any lacking on my part :relieved:

show off :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Put yourself out there in places you wouldn’t usually go …

Love the sound of sexolutions will have to make a list.

I absolutely love this, Mr FF & I have let things slide again! So Defo need to make more of an effort! Not sure we can aim for every day :laughing:, but I’m sure he would be up for the challenge!

We recently started a Sunday morning ritual, lasted 3 weeks till we had friends stayed over and then OH was unwell the next Sunday, we are away with friends this week, so not going so well. Will see if we can get this one back on track before setting any more.

But will also talk to the OH soon about it to get our collective thoughts on the same page before the end of the year, its a great idea, thanks for bringing it up.

Myself and my OH have a sunday funday every week and basically we have sex every sunday but spice it up each week by doing something different. It is the best thing we ever started!!!


We also have a Sunday morning ritual (which has been well documented here) which is essentially the same every week but the results seem to vary greatly every time.
If, for any reason, we can’t manage it on Sunday we shift it to the next available day but we do make sure it happens every week.