Advice needed quick!

Ok so as I have said I am in a 24/7 flr relationship “mother/son” Well after being sent to bed for not doing chores she caught me on this forum and doing something I should not be (thanks curvyjill) I have already had a spanking however “mum” has said unless I come up with an additional punishment in 24hours I ll be banned off here for two months. Any ideas would be appreciated as I enjoy being on here !! Ps it’s not extreme sub Dom so nothing crazy please

Wear a buttplug for a fixed period? Maybe 24 hours?

Drink your own pee? Or your "mum" could give you hers to drink?

The pee is a bit hard core for us but thank you for the suggestion, I m 24 and she is twice my age, might suggest a butt plug

Add to that a cock cage and you wear her worn wet panties.

Christ if I suggested that to her she’d ban me for life lol !!

But you'd look very arousing to her...

Definitely the cock cage. It's blessing, and a curse and she can punish you more by teasing you in it.

Bit hard core for us lol. Very much strict mum as oppose to leather clad dominateix

Appreciate the help though x

No tv...wear thick gloves to stop you from sweets...pop or crisps. Sit down to use the toilet so you don't have to touch your cock. Hard spanking on bare bottom cheeks if you are caught so that you get a nice red handprint on each cheek...

I v already had the belt 😢

Curvy jill “mum” likes your thinking !! As a start

It’s so cruel though

Closing this thread as it is breaking rules 3 and 7.

Thank you for your understanding.