Ann Summers Rabbit Wave

See it sounds good but I'd really like to know what anyone who has it thinks.

Ooh, that looks very fun. Bit wide, for my liking, though :( *hopes someone comes out with a more slimline version*

yea i thought that looked like it would be great fun but i wonder how good it is?

Have no fear, the rabbit ears are softer than the platinum. An awesome vibe! (thats my review above) :)

some vibraters are overated i think i rather hvave a big long fat dildo myself never had one but looking at few of them.

Hmm yes i was majorly dissapointed by the thruster :(

Thanks for the review smeevee but I'm disappointed to hear the waves don't really work. It seems it's just the ears again that are doing their stuff and surely that's just like any other rabbit?? Pity coz I thought the waves sounded like such an innovative idea. Ah well!

I was gonna buy that yesterday, but I changed my mind because of the price.. Vibrators don't do much for me, so I thought "Hmmm, waves.." I do have another little rabbit vibrator, but it's so enthusiastic my boyfriend and I are scared of it!!!

I think rabbits are slightly over-rated, i always turn them around. Id much rather a well lubed finger stroking my clit alternating in strokes and pressure than a constant tickly vibration.

I only just discovered that this new rabbit existed but I won't be rushing to buy one. I have the original & platinum versions and although I love the ears on them I'm trying to add some variety to my collection so no more rabbits for me (not yet anyway). I found the platinum version too wide for me and apparently the wave is the biggest so far so I don't think this one is for me.

I also tend to see rabbits as a vibe to use alone so if I buy any more I'll be buying something that my boyfriend would feel comfortable with. A rabbit isn't really something that you can tease and play with so I prefer to keep mine for 'me' time. Maybe I'll try one when my other rabbits have worn out, my original is on its last legs anyway!

The missus couldn't wait to try hers and rushed a little. Being quite big it was sore a little at first.
It was loud, looks really poorly made and before it went in the skip, we pulled it apart.

Hi Jo-Marie,
I'm with you on the lubricated clit tickler finger. Much more control, lighter, firmer, softer, harder, slowly, quickly, active, resting, short strokes, long strokes, able to find its own lubrication, stroking, patting, tapping, slapping... l could go on... never found a rabbit box yet claimed to do all the above and more..anyone else found one yet???? The only thing l have pulled apart to date has been the wrappings.

has any one actually seen the width of the rabbit i was quite scared when i saw it in the shop lol