Anti anime

Caught a programme called Erotica on TV and featured this kind of cartoon porn from Japan, which is becoming more popular here and in the States.

It did look interesting as they can do so much more with the characters, things they couldn't physically get an actor to do. It leaves room for fantasies of the wildest, most original type. Personally, I have always found the story of the woman and the octopus to be a very erotic fantasy. In anti anime (hope am spelling this properly) this scene could be brought to life. Would recommend if you are getting fed up with the usual porn.

I've been watching hentai (cartoon porn) for years. Some hentai movies are boring and crappy (the same can be said of "normal" porn too)but there are some real gems and there's something to suit most tastes I think; Bible Black is full of rape and BDSM so it won't appeal to everyone but I was surprised to discover how many women like it; Pia Carrot is much sweeter and almost a mainstream animé except that it's full of porn; I like it because it's romantic yet filthy.

@ happy - Cartoon characters bonking each other senseless :-)

The problem I have with some of the hentai is the philosophy behind it. Quite a bit of it depicts child characters with big baby eyes in school uniforms. But they also have boobs bursting out of tight blouses and micro skirts and skimpy knickers. You wonder sometimes how much of this attracts dodgy people... There were some kids toys based on this that caused a press scandal recently. Bratz I think they were called. I guess it all reflects the different attitude and laws in Japan. Over there its perfectly legal to take, sell and buy pictures of school girls with no clothes on. It's a big industry. And some of the hentai porn is a spin-off from this.

btw - in Japan, the word "hentai" means "sexually perverted"

Hi Happycamper.
If you watch normal animé shows that have a little bit of sexual or suggestive content you'll quickly get the idea of what hentai is about.If you want to watch an animé (you have probably watched them before without knowing it - Pokemon, Yu-Gi-oh, etc) Go to the Veoh website and you can legally watch many animé shows for free (download the Veoh Player and register) there are quite a few hentai movies on there too. Some people like fisticuff type shows like Naruto or OnePiece but I prefer romance and comedy; Ah! My Goddess or Scrapped Princess are good ones to watch, but whichever you choose, try to watch the original Japanese language versions because the English dubbed versions are nowhere near as good.

I'm fine with most of it but I find the rape and incest stuff unacceptable. Because it is rape. Not simulated bondgae and rape stuff that shows the girl is an actress and all is ok. I think we're on a slippery slope with that as it seems to normalise rape, which is scary. I also have an issue why in most porn the woman is being thrust into willy nilly and it's about his enjoyment not hers. Uh hello?! Now that's a bit of a generalisation but a lot of hardcore porn is not about the girl's enjoyment which pisses me off.



I have the same issue with all the "kids" cartoons these days that are about violent conflict. Not to mention the computer games that are solely about killing or maiming the maximum number of adversaries, or stealing as many cars as you can in order to win more respect / a higher rating. All it does is normalises this behaviour. Can it really be a surprise that the country is going down the tubes and people have far less respect or time for each other.

nowt wrong with a bit of robot rape and underage tentacle sex.

really doctorp???

I get so scandalised. Maybe I will turn into Mary Whitehouse! I just think it says that rape is OK (even if as you say it's not possible in reality what it is depicting) To me it just suggests that if rape is OK like this really random not possible stuff, then actual rape is OK as well.

I agree with BBG I don;t like the violence either - oh how old and moral do we sound? I will have to start complaining about Pinky and Perky (or whatever) as well!

Yeah I suppose it is the forbidden thing. I just think we should all condemn it more so it becomes socially unacceptable in porn and therefore not on websites etc. I'm concerned that it's becoming more OK. I don't actually care about coming across it really, more that I'm worried about where we're going as a society. See proper Mary Whitehouse stuff!!

I did buy a few films some years back to try and see why it interested people, I agree with doctorp, bit of underage tentacle sex here and there is really no big deal. The films are fantasy and as long as (in our society) we understand it is not acceptible to to do that to people ...

When Alien originally came out it was given its certificate and that was that, lots of blood and guts but all good fun (it was my girl friend's first X movie and at the age of 16 she required the film to be edited a little by covering her eyes with my hand), if you went to see it you were buying into the fantasy.

If you played Doom (again showing my age), you were not about to go out and shoot and kill people, you were just letting off steam after a day at work - fantasy.

I don't really understand it (anime) but I find it hard to believe that people watch it and then go out and try and recreate any part of it.

Now some of the more standard hard core porn films I think can potentially change the viewer's response to women and affect the person's attitude in public (am I starting to be Mary?) and (off topic) lap dancing clubs as well.

X rated anime is just fantasy, you like it or you don't (imho).

But do we really understand that it's not acceptable? Or do these moral barriers get broken down in small ways like this and lead to problems??

I'm all for many moral barriers being broken, eg polygamy, sex outside of marriage, because I don't think these harm consenting adults. I do worry about rape, incest, child abuse being seen as normal and acceptable (even in fantasy!) These things are NOT OK! (But I don't want to go anywhere near the Daily Mail etc child abuse take on the argument - I'm not an unthinking freak!!)

I don't mind hentai or anime etc. I kinda like some of the stuff I've seen. I just think that some topics should remain off limits. I don't mind consensual tentacle sex!!

I do agree about some hard core films and their depiction of women.

Sex should be enjoyable by everyone involved! And I worry when this is not shown. I'm even happy if it's shown afterwards so you can represent a domination fantasy but then show it was only pretend. That's cool with me, as are some 24/7 BDSM master/sub relationships because there is still a level of care and respect for all parties.

(Thanks for your views though, I don't want my rant to sound critical of what you've said PM!)

Sorry ii but this isn't sex (re. 'Sex should be enjoyable by everyone involved'), this is just a fantasy, I don't agree that 'some topics should remain off limits', just that some things should remain off limits (child abuse, domestic violence, etc.).

I personally am not for moral boundaries to be broken, just for responsible parents to allow their offspring to develop morals that are in accord with the society they live in (back to an earlier BBG). We are all individuals aren't we so we have to develop our own morals?

Slightly bot, I found it amusing the Japanese try and get the export copies because if the anime has explicit parts (rather than say tentacles) they have to be pixelated but of course the foreigners can see cartoon penises.

I am personally of the opinion that in hentai and other cartoon sex, there should be few, if any, boundaries. By making certain practices taboo or banning them from the fantasy sphere, we are taking away a way of fantasy expression without there being any conclusive proof that the depiction of said practices induces any actual enactment of said practices. From a personal point of view, I, from time to time, rather enjoy the roughness of some hentai scenes that sail close to rape scenes but I would never in a million years consider committing rape.

I think society is starting to lean towards restricting freedoms to protect the weak from themselves. I don't think this is a good thing as in my experience tabooing a subject or practice does not make it disappear. I have always been for exposure of unaccepted practices. Exposing does not equate to trivialising.

In this way, I think there might be something to say for the "let them get it out of their system"-argument; by letting people get it out of their system by seeing the unaccepted deed committed in non-realistic parametres, they may not feel the need to enact the deed in actual life.

As far as I am aware, there is little or no proof that the human mind actually functions in such a way, but I can imagine it would. In a very cynical way, I wonder if it really is that good to protect the many from the few by taking everyone's liberties away. Recently there was the discussion of whether or not to ban the videogame Grand Theft Auto 4 as it might induce violence (a kid in Thailand, I believe, stabbed a taxi driver to see "if it really was that easy"), but I would argue that even in such situations the few should not rule society's freedoms.

I would, however, be more hestitant to support fake rape scenes involving actual people/actors. Hypocrisy? Perhaps, but I can't be expected to be consistent....

i disagree with the idea that certain images or scenes should not be viewed under the reasoning that this may break down their moral fibre. its absurd. im not even into anime or manga, but for christs sake, its a cartoon. its pure fantasy. its like saying watching transformers might make someone see scientists as potentisl murder victims (its always the lab assistants that get killed?!)

if youre the sort of person that would try to recreate a scene from GTA4, or try to renact a rape scene from say "irreversible", or a tentacle rape scene from some hentai, i would hazard a guess that you were already damaged goods for even thinking about doing it. its not the film that does it, its the person. its like back in the day when people said elvis was corruptin the youth, or that black music like blies was the music of the devil. every generation has something that they just cant accept, and slowly over time, it becomes accepted, because the end of the world didnt happen.

Both hubby and I love anime. The darker side of it has neither bothered us or interested us.

What I will say is this, you need to look at the culture that has made anime. The Japanese are a very respectful, polite society in the main. They have bars where girls dress in cosplay and schoolgirl attire, all the girls are 18+ and basically they do whatever a customer wants. Most of the time and this is for real, guys end up playing consoles with the girls or giving the girl a foot massage. It's not how you expect in any way. I would prefer that we had places where dress and roleplay could happen safely than what we have now. Total and utter intolerance. Safety is the key.

I would agree totally with doctorp that just because someone watches violent movies or plays violent games does not make them a violent person. I loved playing zombie games after work just to release some tension but ask me would I go shoot someone I'd be horrified. It's fantasy and stays that way.

I'd also argue that taboos make society worse. My aunt talks about the great past when children were children and adults kept their desires to themselves. The only problem with that is that it was going on behind closed doors! We were just ignorant of the murders and the media weren't as in our faces about what was really going on.

Taboos stop debate. They close our minds to really understanding what is going on and trying to prevent it.

Was it the videogame that made boys kill or the way our society puts pressure on us to fit in? Was it the dirty film depicting rape that caused it in real life or the way that the rapist was brought up?

I think it is too simple to blame one individual element in life, in fact I think it is short sighted to believe it can be one element.

If anything our throw away attitude to life has torn a gaping hole in society really. But that's not a debate we're on topic here ;)

What will the japanese think of next eh! I kinda wonder about Hentai ive never watched any myself dont think it would really do much for me. Afterall it is a cartoon. I watch anime quite a lot a lot of it the kind aimed at men Shonen is it? correct me if im wrong, and the site of a cartoon willy or nipple never has turned my on in the least unlike with a sex scene on a live action movie. Japan is a lot more open though, look at their school uniform for example. I think their legal age for consented sex is a lot lower than here in the uk (which is 16).

i love hentai and found that was the best bit about japan... i think its very healthy to let out any fantasy with art... i believe that we should be respectful.. that whatever adult consenting humans do should be respected and therefore legal... that children and animals have no part in this, they cannot consent... but hentai is art no persons or beings are involved...

Very good point mama. Although its not for me i dont see anything wrong with it. Its not real, its fantacy. Men are allowed to fantasise about their partners in school uniform and i dont see people banning school uniform costumes. Think its all down to personal preference.

I like hentai, and i just think each to their own really.

And what mama said is right, hentai is art, and its healthy to express our fantasies in art

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