Anyone with a lelo iris that can answer a question?

Hey folks.

Basically, I bought a Lelo Iris from Lovehoney last week but i'm not entirely sure if it's working properly, and I was wondering if there was someone else out there who could share their experience with the toy and compare.

The issue is that when I turn the vibe on, it's fine. It's quiet, the vibrations increase and decrease as I would expect, however, as soon as I start going through the modes (using the up and down buttons) it instantly turns from a nice gentle hum to an unsettlingly hollow rattle, and the noise itself is considerably louder. The vibrations don't seem to change through the modes, and it doesn't seem to pulse, even though it sounds like it should be. Granted, I haven't been able to go through the cycles on higher speeds (because the noise it makes only gets worse and I live in a shared house, an inconvenience in itself for something that advertises itself as a quiet vibe) so maybe the pulsing just isn't noticible through the first three strengths, but I assume that they should be.

My gut feeling is that it isn't working as it should, but i'd like confirmation before I go through the hasstle of sending it off to Lelo.

Thanks all.

Thank you for the reply. Mmm, i'm wondering now if it's just how the vibe should be. I'm going to give it a few days and check out all the settings and see what's going on before i decide whether to ship it off. I sent something back to lovehoney not long ago and I really don't want to be bothering them so soon. =)

Thanks again.


That doesnt sound right to me either. Seriously send it off to LH, they have an amazing returns policy. I have sent 2 things back within a week due to them going wrong, they were fine about it.

Just email them or if you want info quicker, ring them on their 0800 number or use the LH chat box on the main page and you will be able to speak to a real person almost immediately. Explain the situation and then see if thats normal or not. If it isnt, package it up and use their freepost and they will send a replacement.

Sending it back to Lelo will be a lengthly and costly experience and you may never get a replacement. Its so much easier with LH.

Hi PK, I have a Lelo Iris and it doesn't do that. Lelo's are renowned for being virtually silent. Send Lovehoney a message and I'm sure they will sort you out x

Hey all. Thanks for the replies.

Well, I've recently had a chance to test out the lelo again and I think the problems might just have been in my head. I set it to the second highest setting and put it on a high pulse (which did pulse with higher power, incidentaly) shoved it on my bed and checked how loud it might appear to anyone in surrounding rooms. Couldn't hear it, apart from in the room directly bellow where my bed was, and that was a sort of base thump you wouldn't be able to hear unless you were really concentrating on it. More of a noise you notice by it's absence.

I wish I could have tested it with the highest settings but there was another person in the house so...*shrugs*

I think I might have just been a bit too timid with it, because it seems quite load close up, but apparently the noise doesn't travel and if anything it has gotten a little quieter after a couple of uses. Maybe I just underestimate just how load ordinary vibes are. =P

Thank you all again for the replies though. I really do appriciate it.