Banned for spreading the word......

Preaching to the converted here but have you all seen the competition/freebie on ?
Well, basically I decided to give this a bit of publicity on a site called Female First, it was displayed for 10/11 days over the Xmas period before being deleted because someone complained it was " Spam " seems that this particular site (FF) is quite happy to allow people to air their views with regards to insults but post's which offer something for nothing and give people a genuine chance to win some lovely prizes are deleted as "Spam". Ok, so lovehoney do promotions like this to attract new customers but those of you who have dealt previously with other "sex product" companies will not need telling just how good Lovehoney are in all aspects of trading including after sales service, if you would like to enter this survey/comp just log on and if you can "spam it " anywhere then so be it.....Female First would be a goodplace to start lol !!! Ps I am NOT a member of LH/OA staff !!

Will do!!! On to it now.Roger and out (hehe made a joke there unitentionally)!!!

I see that someone else as also decided to spread the word on Female First LOL !!! ................... it was the reference to "Butternut Squash" that gave it've a lot to answer for Tallboy !!!!