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Woke up this morning real horny and I wasn't going into work until a bit later, so as soon as I got hubby and kids away, I sprinted straight down to the bedroom and got the rabbit out and stuck on my husbands lesbian porn and omg about two mins later I had the most intense cum in ages. I was wet all day in work and I had to come home after go again. I had just finished before my husband came in. I told him all about it that it worked him up so I give him a right good seeing too as well. What a day.

hahaha nice one

wow jules you go girl!!

I love it when you get so turned on that when you do cum it's explosive.

I love taboo subjects, and this one time imagined my aunty asking me to pretend to be her young lover at a party with all her mates to make them jealous. We spent a couple of days acting like lovers without any intimate contact or nudity. But that just made me horny. Then on the night of the party we kissed at the party to sell the act and caressed, by the ned of the night we ended up so tuned on, we ended up making love all night. I nearly blew the roof off when I came that day.

sashastream wrote:

wow jules you go girl!!

my thoughts exactly!

The best one is the last one as far as Im concerned this morning was great did it twice and wey hey

Istanbul 2005.

Wow! Amazing night that was!

LOL SG69 Mrs G is a Liverpool fanatic she only saw 3 Milan goals then stormed of in a huff came back for the extra time then couldnt bear to watch the shootout...we dont discuss lately lol

You horny lucky gal! Been needing a day to myself to just max out