Best ever in the last 12 months

Great stories and ideas here. Thank to all who have shared. (We all have four weeks to get better orgasms _ and to tell about it here. Who’s ups for the challenge. More dets to follow

The best part of the tanga is Defo the powerful vibrations - small but mighty! And I can’t fault the brilliance of having it rechargeable rather then spending fortunes on batteries

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The most powerful orgasm for me was during my first foursome last year.Was so turned on and nervous at the same time.But the other couple were great guys and great lovers!
I struggled to get up after an orgasm, my legs like jelly, dripping in sweat and stockings were ripped.It was mind blowing.

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We shall give that a try. Sounds like he will love it

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Super intense. Sounds like you had a great time. Pretty cool, was your session planned or was it organic. Just kinda happened ?

We planned it with the other couple, who we met via a mutual friend.I was tentative before, but found it an amazing experience, doing things I’d never imagined.Hope to repeat in the near future!

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With my partner. He used his hands to make me squirt before using a vibrating dildo to make me squirt even more. Finally he fuxked me in missionary. My heart was raaaaaacing. Legs like jelly. Totally tongue-tied. Bliss.


With a girl for the 1st time she licked my pussy
The sensations I got was amazing and she made me cum so hard Iwas shaking all over legs proper quivering and my nipples even stood to attention lol


So I discovered last year the art of having a ruined orgasm and it was one of me best discoveries.

It’s literally where you keep going to the point of climax and as soon as you are about to cum you take your hand off. You still ejaculate and if you leave it for 30 secs or so you can go again and cum a few times.

Well I had a time where I must of had 4 or 5 orgasms back to back and it was insane! I often return to doing this during a session


One of my best was a night me and hubby decided to stay down stairs. We stuck a suction dildo to the patio doors and he had me fuck it whilst sucking him off. He then went above and behind me and we had anal whilst I still had the dildo in.

It was one of the most intense orgasms ever.

It was a very good night, we took photos that night too so often have revisited!


Great to be connected like that. Hell ya

First times are great memories. Glad you had a great first time. Thanks for sharing sounds hot

That’s sounds great. Ice work, both of you. You must communicate well. Nice stuff