broken rabbit

After just writing my review on jessica rabbit i went too pull her out and to my horror found her broken its as if something has melted the rubber!!! firstly has any one experienced this before, my wife used her last when i was working away and just cleaned it with standard wipes.

and secondly any advice on new rabbit the last one was jessica rabbit with 10 functions she loved it if she could find anything she would change it would be the size wanting bigger! ive looked and it seems none there thicker tho the jessica is 5.5 girth at thickest part. any suggestions or help be great thanks

Did she store it touching other sex toys?

Oh dear. When a partially silicone product rests against another partially silicone product they can melt.

Oh dear, so sorry! It sounds like it has reacted to other toys , or possibly with a silicone based lubricant? 

Was this purchased within 365 days ? If so, you can pop on live chat to arrange a return/replacement. 

Some of these guides will help to stop this occuring again for you :

We have one on materials & also one dedicated to storing of sex toys 

yes she did store next to other toys, we had to move our stash to another location recently as our child is getting older and more inqusetive and we kind of rushed in too throwing them into top of cupboard a mistake we wont make again thanks, i will check our lubricants too make sure.

thanks leanne but in fairness we bought it a few years ago now and credit to the product its been brilliant and damaged through our own error. appreciate the replies everyone and i will definately read the advice.

stash i sound like a pirate lol.

any advice on new rabbit be brilliant

I'd recommend these, they're around the same size in circumference as her previous rabbit though, as there doesn't tend to be many made that are any bigger.

Thanks for your reply will look into them

I am sorry to hear that its very strange I would suggest get on live lovehoney live support and get a refund for the broken toy. i LOVE lovehoney as their support is epic and live chat is also so good. Try to contact them. I hope this helps.