Cannabis products and sex

Just wondering if anyone has experimented with some of the libido/pleasure enhancing cannabis related oils and products out there in their sex life..

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We have not but we are very pro cannabis so definitely will

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We live in the US in a state where cannabis and products are legal. We have both tried gummies and can say for us the definitely increase our libido and especially for me. Using them I get extremely turned on easily, my sensitivity and orgasm is increased and I usually get a very strong urge to masturbate often.


Had cakes in Amsterdam and they made me extremely horny. Back in the hotel, we both had probably the best sex of our lives. I think it’s the only time I came with partner sex alone. After he couldn’t go on anymore, I continued with myself throughout the night like some sex crazed werewolf on heat :sweat_smile:


@Mint-Monster . When that itch just won’t go away with a rub or scratch.:joy:
In that instance the scratch was needed on the snatch.!!

Gummies…??. are those cannabis infused chewing sweets. ( candy where you come from)

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Lets just say theres a definite effect regardless of “type”

Cannabis is legal where I live. We partake quite often before sex. For me, helps me to relax and seems to make me last longer.

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Like other folks chiming in, using cannabis has led to some mindblowing sex for my wife and I. That being said, I’ve learned that the particular strain you use has a lot to do with it, so just be aware of that; I’ve heard the wedding cake strain and it’s derivatives are particularly good for sex.

Also, edibles tend to take longer to kick in, but also last longer whereas smoking will give you an instant high that wears off sooner than edibles. Also note that edibles will work differently if you choose gummies vs chocolates due to how they are metabolized. I’m still very new to all this, but just sharing what I’ve learned.

I used a CBD massage oil, it was good but not better than other non-CBD massage oils I’ve used it the past. I felt it was worth the hype but far from my favourite oil to use.

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I just bought some 1:1 cannabis/CBD pills with added herbs specifically designed to heighten sensitivity. I have to pick them up from the dispensary in a bit, but my boyfriend and I can’t wait to try them! We have some of our best sex when we’ve had a particular brand of 1:1 gummies, so we’re excited to see how these compare. I’ll try to remember to report back once we give them a try.