So....what do people think? Fancy a challenge? ;-)

Holy crap. I fainted from just looking at the picture!!

Makes me hurt just thinking about getting the head inside me, let alone the whole thing. Surely that can't be good for you? Wouldn't it dislodge all your insides?

I own it. Its a Beauty *cuddles it*

MsEllie wrote:

I own it. Its a Beauty *cuddles it*

What a legend you are!!!

There is no way I could handle that My hat comes off to msellie you are one hell of an amazing woman xxx much love xxx

mm i like that think i might handle it with practise lots of

My eyes are watering!!!!!

After a little thought.... I think I could manage this after a lot of lube and maybe an hour or so foreplay.

I have been fisted before by my partner, but it takes a lot of time and warm-up... Also I think having good control over your kegels helps.

HOwever, hands are softer, and fingers can move about more freely, compared to a solid toy... so I just don't know.

I'm not sure I'm willing to try it, partly due to the price.

See 1:44 in this video :D

Wont let me play it Alice

I had a probably loading it in firefox, but it worked in chrome =)

I still don't think I should get one lol...Though it's one of those things I'm sure a lot of people get just to say they own lol.

The video is rather good and clear too.

I'm guessing the office has lots of Lovehoney things such as branded mugs and hoodies lol

Thanks nymp- sorted - wow its huge!!

you'd love itDee lol xxlmd sorry for butting in girls

No i wouldnt, never tried anything so big lmd - i go for the normal size ... ty

hahaha I started like you girls. I first saw it and was OH MY GOD NO

within a month it had become an obsession I had to own >.<

I had to have reconstructive plastic surgery after my son was born due to a botched episiotomy They had to removed a lot of tissue which means I'm a lot tighter now than I was before I had my son. After the surgery it was very painful to even have intercourse with my hubby we had to do lots of foreplay and use a stupid amounts of lube just to help him enter me, which was a task and a half as i was so tight i sometimes tore now 6 years on we can comfortably have sex with no extra help from lube and we no longer have to worry about him tearing me but as much as I love that toy and for all the will in the world I don't think I'm physically capable of taking a toy that size

Which is such a damn shame as I'd love love love to give it a go pitty this wasn't out before my boy was born id of had lots of fun with it I'm sure

i took the challenge and won it feels so good

take sa lot of practice becuse it likes to wiggle around lol

I am still laughing at anikos word Vajayjay that is damned funny much better than the other names