Chastity Cages

Evening all - The wife likes me sometimes to be in chastity. She has now said she’d like me to wear one when I go to the gym. Can anyone suggest one that’s suitable for gym going.

Thanks in advance


My usual preference is for metal cages as I like the weight and the hygiene but for the gym you might find a plastic cage more comfortable.


Depends on what you do at the gym

Ive worn my short metal one and can do all my routines, but I perfer to remove the cage as it makes too many exercises distracting snd i dont want to risk injury but thats mostly with free weights etc

I tried squatting in the dominix cage (same model Rockstar has) but found it pulled too much at the bottom of the squat.

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Specific style will depend on your preference but also what you are going to wear at the gym.

My big recommendation would be one with an integral lock rather than a separate padlock. I will go for a run wearing mine and it is so much easier with an integral lock. I now use one of the 3d printed cages. Much lighter and comfortable during exercise. And the lock makes it less obvious in my shorts.

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I’m in agreement with @rockstar . Plastic cages are good for average/light use. But when it comes to hygiene and comfort - for me nothing beats a small, tight metal cage.