Chastity cage help?

Hi, Recently got our first steel cage DOMINIX Deluxe Chastity Cock Cage Previously had a silicone one but would just come off when hard. This one feels ok most of the times but not sure if im too big for the cage when hard it can feel uncomfortable and poking out the steel gaps and waking up during the night because of it. Any tips or suggestions?

Don't ware it at night, it may cause damage to yourself i Olso think it may be too big for you as you should not be able to get hard, it is a cage

Bought this cock cage a couple of weeks ago. Oddly sometimes I can wear it a few hours at a time without any discomfort yet other times I find myself having to remove it after a shorter period. I would say i'm average size and still find it quite a tight fit, so anyone larger than average would have problems. I do find the feeling of straining against it whilst turned on quite a nice feeling though.