Cheap Dildos

Right, so I'm temporarily staying with my boyfriend, and I have so few toys here it's ridiculous! I have my lube, my Broad City bullet, and a few bits and bobs i've had for reviews, but there's one very important staple I seem to be missing... a decent dildo!

I'm currently having my share of money issues, so I don't have a lot to spare, but I'm desperate for one. He doesn't seem to want to touch me at all lately, and it's driving me crazy now I'm spending every night next to him.

Any recommendations for a reasonably good quality dildo at a modest price? It's silly to spend on this right now, especially when I'm struggling for cash, but I'm starting to feel like I don't have a choice. :/

What size?

Cheap may not be satisfying. Dildos made from good material are excellent but costly. I play a lot solo. Have a good collection of toys for all situations. For quickie, fantasies and display.

Know what you want(cost, type, size and occasion) is important so that the experienced members can recommend them to you accordingly.

Please consider these pointers:
Budget (below £100 or more)
Type (with or without a vibrator, or maybe just a bullet)
Size(7 inches length /5 inches circumference or smaller)
Occasion (just the big O or more)

Hmm have you talked to your partner at all? I would suggest doing that first, just as communication is key :)

I would suggest this one if you want something cheap and high quality

Hi Sam, like Paige says, you should really talk to him to find out why he doesn't want to touch you. Have you tried a little gentle persuasion? This can be anything from offering him a massage before sleep, or a shared bath or shower.. or how about some sexy undies, surely you know what turns him on.

But first, as already said, try talking to him to find the underlying problem.

Good luck.

Oh, we've talked. I've tried to talk to him about it, find out what's happening, if I've done / said anything to turn him off, but he insists that he just doesn't feel like it currently and it's nothing specific that has set if off. :/ Also tried gentle persuasion, showers, lingerie, etc. but none of it is exactly 'working' if you get my drift. This is my attempt to stop badgering him so much about it, as I'm sure that won't be helping things. :(

And thanks Paige - ordering that now! I'm missing all of my other toys terribly, so I'm sure that this will help - at least with part of it anyway. :)

How about buying the clone a willy kit, clone your OH and then you get him even if your not.

loves fun wrote:

How about buying the clone a willy kit, clone your OH and then you get him even if your not.

That's a good idea, will let him know how much you enjoy him too.