Come and Cyber Me!

Hi im isabella im married i am looking for guys and girls for a little flirtation please come to my forum and say hello, you can see my picture there.

HOORAH - Spamjunkie is back!!!!!

With a forum, this time. Oh my.
*this time decides not to visit the link, considering the disappointment last time*

Oh joy of joys. Someone please give spamjunkie a packet of condoms and a bus ticket.

lol. ah the joys of forums. I thought you only get that line sent to yahoo chat windows at random... that's why I quit yahoo anyway. In fact I think I had pretty much that line in my junk mail box today too...

Originally I was going to reply by saying that I didn't have the energy, so she should feel free to carry on and cyber herself. Sideways.

But that would have been uncharitable... :-P

OK, I'm new here. What do you all know that I don't? (let's narrow that down - what do you know about isabellakiss?)

For a moment there I thought you said "Spermjunkie"

It's just a web site trying to spam for business. They were here before under a different member name:

They kind of got known as Spamjunkie instead of Sexjunkie - seemed more fitting :-)

ROFL with Chimp