Is it me or has this forum gone quiet lately?

Seems hardly any new messages appear on here anymore.
We need some filthy flirting and explicit chat back here!

It is quiet. Did there used to be a lot more action? (pun!)

I agree naughty - we need more filth in here!!!

its cuz ive been gone of course haha yeah i noticed that it all went very quiet a while ago and i havent been able to come on in 5 weeks to check up on whether its livened up yet. I was hoping it was just xmas stress but has it not changed?

Hi everyone, I started 'trying' to post a while ago but due to computer problems I disappeared, back and writing reviews but I don't think there's been much chat (or much that I can contribute to?)
Been reading old messages but don't want to bring old topics back from their grave! Thinking of starting a new one about piercing, hope it goes down ok. Well, just wanted to say hiya really and couldn't find a decent place to put it!

I think some of the "old" regulars have been tied up with other activities recently. The anter between them used to provide a great number of messages. Possibly a frustration with the time it took for responses sometimes may have been responsible for the fall off in activity. Or maybe others have linked up on msn? Only a thought. Perhaps the ewbies should take a lead at this point.
Only my thoughts Tallboy

Taboo topics?

Or is there such thing on a sex discussion forum lol

You could have threads not just about sex/shagging.

I know we men think about it every 7 seconds, but what about the 6 in between?

It could be football, poker, gaming, and what not.

Don't really know where I'm going with this.

I'm fairly new around here so I can't reminisce about the good old days of the forum and all the filthy flirting and explicit chat naughtboy misses but I agree that there is not a lot of point dragging up old threads.

That said, I am eager and willing to contribute to the filth where I can and so, as I find my way around, I'll start some new threads and hope you will all want to get invloved.

If you all start a couple of threads each as well, and the forum starts to look more fresh and current, I reckon all those reviewers will be more tempted to join in the fun.

well all we need to get it going is people willing to talk about filth..and we definately have lots of them around this site!!! :D

Is it me or is it quiet? Or is everyone on at different times?

You never really get a convo going. It's all very disjointed.

yeah i agree. its very rare you can post a comment and have a response within the hour

@ jezzer

my apologies. i mistakenly thought that the post "does sucking a vibrator make me gay" was started by you.
I was wrong and im sorry

There does seem to be a few new kids on the block so to speak, some of the old established stalwarts seem to have withdrawn so to speak. I'm sure it's just the time of year and that the rising saps will come to the rescue in a few weeks ha ha.

are you calling me a rising sap tallboy?!? :p

I'd prefer to be rising the sap if you don't mind...

Ok as innuendos go that one wasn't great lol

crayola, feel free to be as sappy as you would like to be :p haha!

jeesh, and if my mind wasn't elsewhere, i would have read that correctly! sorry crayola! let me just correct that "feel free to rise as many saps as you would like!" muhaha thats that sorted....on to other threads now...!

Dear OA,
I seem to recall you saying some time ago that post your internal restructuring, possibly to do with sales site, you were going to give some thought to enabling us OA junkies to more easily let each other know we were trying to get in touch.
I only ask as some of the old, in terms of membership!! stagers seem to have fallen away in recent months, Illness seems to have accounted for some, but maybe others may have become a tad jaded, does this befall all OA celebrants... l don't know,...
Perhaps some sort of marker to show when we may have been messaged.....
How about it Orgasm Army, l think it would bring some additionality to what is an otherwise oh so excellent a service !!!
Respectfully submitted for your deliberation.
Tallboy xxx

Hell Wizadora, guess so, at least you are keeping in touch others aren't !!!