Costume Conundrum

One for the girls...

Girls, if your bf was to suprise you with a traditionally 'sexy outfit', e.g. schoolgirl, secretary etc., what would you most want him to get for you and why? Also, what would you consider a total turn off?


ive always wanted a sexy nurse outfit and a french maids one.

I tend to go for nurse or schoolgirl, but those are just my favorites.
I don't really like other people buying me clothes though, as i'm quite picky about what i wear.

Hmm, difficult one for me to answer because I don't actually like dressing up in costumes.

Do you know she likes dressing up (since you know her best)?

For me I am a fan of my stockings & knee highs so for me I'd want something that went with this. Possibly something like a school girl, so short skirt and blouse or secretarial - or maybe french maid as sweetlove said.

Not as exciting as a nurse etc but just my personal preference!

Yeah, she's hinted more than once that she'd like to try it but would prefer me to chose the outfit. However, like most girls, I imagine she probably has some things in mind more than others! It's not something I have ever been particularly into so just wondered what most of you were most turned on by.

Not strictly the question you asked but there may be some femail viewpoints in here that might help?

Could you try browsing the costumes pages on LH with her and sensing her reactions? I imagine this is important to get right as picking the wrong one could ruin any possibility for any costumes ever going forward.... For example, I'm really not into the nurse thing, so if a guy bought me one of those off the cuff, so to speak it would really put me off and would make me nervous of indulging in role play type stuff again, but that could just be me, haha!

Good luck finding the right one and enjoying it once it's purchased :-)

*female not femail, whatever was I thinking? Doh!!

i LOVE the dirty secretary look. Highwaisted short black skirt, tight white shirt, glasses, stockings, suspenders, heels. *drools*.

i think a school girl would look awesome aswell

schoolgirl costumes are a super NO-NO for both of us, as we're both teachers and that would be WEEEIRD.

tho i've just had a look through the costumes on LH and i reeeeally want the robin hood costume!!! :D something fun and not tooooo super slutty would be good for a gift... cause then, if she doesn't totally go for the idea you can both have a laugh about/with it..?

Ahh i can see why the schoolgirl outfits are a no go lol. If you did get the robin hood costume that you can use it for all sorts of occasions - a fine investment lol