Hey everyone!

I've recently introduced my friend to our wonderful world.
She's recently got into a relationship with another girl who's also had experience with toys in the past.
They got a strap-on from you-know-where re other day but they're not very fond of it.

I was wondering if anyone could recommend some good toys for a female couple?

I'm a fan of double ended dildo's for girl on girl

ooops pressed enter before finishing post. If the glass one is too short, this jelly one is fantastic providing they don't mind the material.

I haven't bought or used a strap-on for years - double-ended dildos are much nicer, for all kinds of reasons. No irritating straps to spoil the intimacy, or chafe you, and because you are sharing the same object between both your vaginas (or vagina and anus), you can share and feel each other's bodily responses so much more acutely.

The downside is that the absence of straps means at first you feel it's unstable and prone to slipping out of the 'wearer'. There is a bit of a knack to it, but it's well worth persevering.

For lesbian sex, I would always recommend the Tantus Feeldoe range. My ex-girlfriend and I bought several, but our favourite, and a good one for beginners, is the Classic:

I can testify that this toy delivers fabulous orgasms for both parties! It's also really good for anal sex, although the wearer usually needs to hold and guide the shaft manually until you achieve stable and fairly deep penetration.

The real selling point of Feeldoes is that from my experience they are the best designed for the female anatomy, at both ends: the shapes and curves are just right, when 'wearing' the ridges work really nicely against my clitoris, and the colour and design aren't too phallic, which I like.

Now I'm single, alas, I sometimes masturbate with a Feeldoe, and it's good for that too - this is definitely a versatile range.

Another decent model is the Toy Joy - I have one of these too but never seemed to use it quite so much.

Hope your friend and her girlfriend have fun!

If they're into strap-on stuff but don't like the one they currently have and are pretty confident in regards to their kegel/pc muscles, I'd second Bluebells suggestion of the Feeldoe - there are about four different varieties, I think, not including the Realdoes? Tantus also make really nice harnesses and brilliant dildos, too.

I'd also recommend the Eternal Swan, which is ridiculously expensive but I think the most comfortable strapless I've ever tried out, plus if they like vibrations then they're in luck! The vibrations are reaaally strong and you don't have to fiddle about with battery packs or or terrible N-battery bullets or anything. although the controls took me a while to get used to. It is quite petite, so if they're looking for something with a bit more length or girth, a Feeldoe or a Fun Factory Share - which my partner has and really likes, but the silicone on that is very draggy so they'll need a nice thick lube. And the bulb is pretty big, which I found uncomfortable to wear but my partner says it's a perfect size for her, so.

This is assuming that they want to engage in strap-on stuff - otherwise, it's just whatever takes their fancy! The sky's the limit really.

I hadn't come across The Eternal Swan before - it looks absolutely gorgeous!

Celia - it's interesting that the Share bulb fits your partner well but not you so much, because it seems to me that the whole issue with strapless is bulb size - and whether it works with your anatomy. Different brands have slightly differently sized bulbs, and I reckon that it's the compatibility with your body that determines which make you like, or don't, or indeed whether strapless works for you at all.

As much as I evangelised about the Feeldoe, perhaps I've just been lucky, because the bulb fits my vagina perfectly, as it also did my then-girlfriends. But I tried to use it once with another partner, and it kept slipping out of her. No two women's vaginas are exactly the same size and elasticity, even discounting childbirth.

The problem is that you won't know whether it will fit you snugly until you've already bought it. You can't exactly try one on for size! So I suppose the best bet is to go for as close as there is to a medium, or look at the dimensions and compare them to a dido you already own.

Yeah, I always think about this, it's pretty interesting. The Feeldoe seems to be for the most part the closest you can get to a one-size-fits-all bulb, whereas the Eternal Swan's bulb is very small, about the size of a small egg, and the Share's is a completely different shape entirely and moulded to fit the inside of a vagina - but it didn't fit mine!

Looking at the dimensions of each is probably the best way to measure, but it's affected by the weight too - the Swan is light whereas the Share is heavier, and I guess in that way they're fairly in proportion to their bulbs. Lucky dip! Although thanks to the returns policy you can always return it if it doesn't fit.

I think we've hijacked Shannon's thread a bit but so we're on topic, I'd also recommend the Tantus Flurry as a really nice strap-on dildo, and this one looks pretty good too -

I don't mind (:

Thanks for the replies ladies! They're considering the Classic Feeldoe to start.
I think I might invest in one too!

Hope they enjoy it!