Looking to try out a dildo any one got any advise on What is best to go for, and what they like about it, i have two vibrators but also want to try somethi g different

It depends on what you like. There are so many types of dildos out there. Realistic, non-realistic, smooth, textured, small, large, g-spot or prostate targeting, suction cups or other anal safe bases, soft, hard etc...

It’s difficult to advise without narrowing down the options a bit :)

It really depends what you like, there is such a variety, some are very firm, some are softer, some prefer to steer clear of realistic toys, some love them. There's glass, steel, silicone. The intended use (vaginal? Anal?) would also make a difference to recommendations. Do you like something girthy or something slim? With a little more info I'm sure we can find something to suit!

It will be for vaginal use only I would like it to be girthy as well as it feeling Realistic

This https://www.lovehoney.co.uk/product.cfm?p=31474 is one of my favourites, its got a decent girth and being firm makes it feel larger still. You can get it in different colours too including flesh, I just linked the pink cos that's what I've got. It's realistic but if you are talk about 'real feel' the vixen dildos are lovely dual density (firm core, softer outer) but are investment toys (read expensive) and don't seem to go very girthy.

^ This was going to be my recommendation too. I have the purple version :)

Thank you

^^ totally my recommendation as well, if you want something realistic then King cock are also really good and the detailing is excellent: https://www.lovehoney.co.uk/product.cfm?p=33929

As others have said, it really does depend on what you are into.

Dildo wise, I loooooove my realistic LifeLike Lover:


BUT my best friend would have to be the Lovehoney wand, worth a go if you love a bit of clit stimulation!


Thank you

Alicia4Ever wrote:

For actual "feels real" rather than looks real, I prefer the silicone dual density didos, this ones 6.25 inches in girth, and 9 inches in length; it comes with a hefty price tag of £125.00, but the feel of it is as close to the real thing of anything else I have tried.


I have 2 of them, but was luck to get them quite some time ago, before they went up, and on a discount code; but I still feel there is nothing else to match them for the real feel, so I will get some more, when funds allow.

That's reasonable girth on that one, out of stock at the moment and I can't afford it but definitely going to keep my eye on that, love the vixskin dual density. Just seen the Royale is being discontinued, that's one of absolute favourite toys.

Thank you

I love this one https://www.lovehoney.co.uk/product.cfm?p=33963