Large Dildos

I’m into large dildos…started my journey the beginning of last year and have made great progress…would love any suggestions on which I should try ??? and hear about your experiences and tips…looking forward to hearing from you all x


Hi, theres quite a few big dildo fans round here. If you wander through the toys section of the pictures youll see quite a few.
Fantasy toys are definetly a good place to look for big silicone and some of the sizes are truly eye watering when i go window shopping on the internet. Vixen also make a couple of really nice looking dual density with a 6”+ circumference. That ive been drooling over. Sadly i think theyr too much for me personally, but they look like alot of fun


WOW !!!..just had a quick peek and that’s quite a collection you have there…love to know which are your fav’s…mine are more the traditional style…I’ll get a piccy of my collection and post it if your interested…thanks for the reply

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What sort of sizes do you already have? Are you looking for length, girth or both? I only have 1 large dildo (I’m not sure it would be considered large by anyone else’s standards though!) I’m really turned on by large toys but I think it’s more of a fantasy thing (the way they look and the idea of bring stretched) than the sensation of using them. I would like to get some more but I worry that my husband will feel intimidated!


It varies but the pink one on the left is probubly my fave currently. Texture really does it for me in a dildo. Hard to pick to be honest. The two dual densities are really nice though, vixen is pricey but definitely worth the pennies (though im lucky and picked mine up onsale).

@Mint-Monster is a good one to ask, her collection is pretty awesome


I am also a big fan of large dildos and I can really recommend the Doc Johnson Bam Black Realistic Vac-U-Lock Large Cock 10.5 Inch
It really depends on what you are looking for and how you want to use it, are you looking for length, girth or both and do you want to use them vaginally or anally.

The only advice I can give with stretching and taking bigger dildo is to take it slow and don’t hurt yourself , use lots of lube and enjoy the feeling.


@Green_Eyed_Girl - Thanks for the mention :smiling_imp:

If you filter by my username in that thread you can see them all.

As others have said, it depends what you’re looking for. For example, I’ll only buy non-realistic toys - and big ones to boot. Just have to be aware of my limits, haha. Like these specimens: Batch 1, Batch 2, Batch 3.

On this site, I quite like these ones that are on the larger side without being too realistic for me:

(General long dildo)

(Great for a full feeling. Perfect knotter, too)

(Firm texture with decent girth)


Hiya @Kitty-Cat01 …The bigger ones start at 5 1/4", 5 1/2",6",6 1/4circumference and then one which my eyes were alot bigger than my pussy at 7 1/2" circumference :crazy_face:…what size is yours ???

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Looks great @Green_Eyed_Girl…need a new one that is a little softer and not as ridged and maybe textured as well…but there all so expensive :money_with_wings:

WOW !!! that’s a impressive 8.5 Cir…more the girth and vaginally… many thanks @Beats69

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Mine is the purple Kendel Swirly one that @Mint-Monster linked, it’s 5.75 inch circumference. I’ve only managed the head once! It’s really firm so it feels much bigger than it really is. I also have the inflatable one which is much easier to use because it’s not as rigid and you can insert it first which helps. I’d like another large one - something soft this time and not too long (about 6 inches in length is good for me)


Yeah, i know what you mean. Waiting for sales is a good trick, alot of stores have massive seasonal sales with good reductions.
There are some more affordable ones out there too. Blush do some nice dildoes. Wish i could recommend something specific but lovehoney only stock a limited range of their stuff.
There are some good dual densities out there though. I have my eye on a couple. (Phallophile reviews is a good place to look for ideas. She has some super dildo reviews)

Keep eyeing this beasty, but it is a bit out of my pricetag…possibly also a bit big for me too :laughing: but it does look good

@Kitty-Cat01 ooh the kendal swirly one, yes i was suprised how firm it was too. But the ridges are super


Evening @Mint-Monster…like the look of the first one and it show slip in easily being so smooth…Have a couple of inflatable ones but the none core ones seam to have a mind of there own and expand in bubbles…and the cored can be a little uncomfortable…

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did like the look of that one…I usually jump in a nice hot bath(with a glass or to of wine) and start with an inflatable to help start the stretch and then on to the main event…usually works or me when i`m alone…


Gosh that looks huge it the picy…was expecting it to be a lot bigger that 6" around…it’s a real eye catcher and looks wonderful…but at £119.00 it’d have to be a sale item purchase…

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@Cali_Nyx Never had a glass toy, are they any good ?

They look fun but not girthy enough.

My wife isn’t a fan of dildos in general and finds larger ones painful but she uses this one to peg me and it feels amazing inside me.

@rockstar now that’s what I’m talking about…7” girth will definitely give that full feeling

Maybe, or theres this one too

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