Email offers?


I wanted to ask if email offers are targeted? I've seen a few forumites mention an email offer from yesterday of a free desire vibe with purchases of £35 or more - I didn't get this offer and it's totally one I would go for!

I'm signed up for all emails and I have had various offers through lately, just not this one. Is it a glitch, or do I not qualify? Or have I taken LH up on too many offers lately and been blacklisted?? 😱

Thanks, all.


Firstly I want to say we wouldn't Blacklist someone for taking advantage of our offers we send out. Please don't feel you have been.

We have a new email system that is allowing us to target with offers, we had lots of feedback about the amount and what was sent. This is new so a few teething issues.

If you feel you are not receiving any or have not done in a while please contact Customer Care so that they can check you sign up options:

Thanks for replying, Leanne. I was just kidding about being blacklisted, sorry - I wasn't complaining. 😊

That's good to know there is a new email system. I get quite a lot of emails but I appreciate that as it means I can pick and choose which offers interest me. I can see how some people might feel it's too many, though. Different strokes for different folks! 😁

Thanks again!