Does anyone use an Epilator to remove hair. I’m considering it as my OH much prefers a hairless penis and balls. Shaving only last so long and isn’t really completely smooth. Waxing is hard to do myself so thought about getting an epilator. But are they any good for men? Personally I cannot see why not? But maybe someone knows. Thanks.

One word…… OUCH! :grimacing: imo there are certain places I wouldn’t be doing the equivalent of pulling hairs out by the roots! But each to their own I guess


Yeah no, don’t buy one. I had one years ago and omg it is so painful. Wax is definitely the way forward.

Also epilator is maybe not the best idea on skin that isn’t let’s say, smooth lol. I can imagine they’d pinch ball skin big time.


That’s what happens when you get waxed :man_shrugging:

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Nah there’s a difference for sure! Waxing is a large area at one time, epilating is a small area with a load of tweezers pulling out individual hairs.

I use an epilator on my arm pits, it hurts on my legs, I’ve tried it on Miss Hoochie and it hurts, I stopped after it sucked a lip into it.

I’d recommend a sensitive hair removal cream like WooWoo.


Sod that. Just search “male intamate waxing in insert area you live here” into your favourite search engine and book an appointment.

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Definitely don’t do it.

They nip the soft tissue around your balls.

Mine drew blood.

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I epilate my armpits and that takes me like an hour in the shower and a lot of mental preparation.
The key is to hold the skin tight so there is less pulling. I have no idea how you would be able to hold the skin of the male genitalia anywhere near tight enough.
But maybe if pain is your thing you might like it?

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Absolutely agree with the others here, epilators are just for skin you can hold taut for a sharp clean pull, in which case they can work well. Non taut skin, you are talking about pain and bleeding which I very much doubt is the look you’re going for.

Epilators are just trendy torture devices :scream:

While it can take some time, IPL machines are pretty good. A lot less painful than waxing, too. My hair has never grew back properly on my legs or pubic area.

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i use on my legs and under arms, they get less painful over time. tried on the lady garden a couple of times, but much prefer a wax, way faster and less painful. also the skin needs to be taut to not catch in the spinny thing so steer clear of danglies I would say!

Wouldn’t recommend an epilator for genital area. You need to pull the skin tight otherwise you’ll end up getting pinched (yes it’s experience talking!)
If you don’t want to shave or use cream, my best advice is to go to a salon for a wax if your OH doesn’t want to wax you.

Tried on my wife - hurt like f**k more than wax and less effective

Try plucking a ball hair and multiply that by idk, a thousand? :joy::sob:

Use an epilator, but on legs only.
Wouldn’t go near the Inner Sanctum with one!

Some models seem to hurt more than others. With ceramic discs the hurt seems less than others get with metal discs.

But everyone is built differently.
Pain thresholds differ and so on.

But any which way just steer very, very well clear of any soft floppy bits! Like, no way. Reverse! Do not go near!


I tried waxing the base of my shaft once and there was more blood than anything else. I still have a few scars. That is extremely thin and sensitive skin there. Don’t do it

I (male) use an epilator on my legs, that’s okay (bit painful on the knees), but I would never go near my cock and balls with one, they are not designed for the skin in those areas of the body (male or female).

Gone down that road to try it out lately as full shaving left lots of ingrowing hairs.

The initials epilation is pretty sore.
Maintenance epilation once or twice a week is easy enough.
It isnt pleasant, but not that bad. Holding skin tight is the main trick, and it does leave you very smooth.
It still regrows surprisingly fast (i assume waxing would be the same) but thinner so the maintenance epilation isnt too bad.

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A few years ago I bought one for my wife to do her legs, 1inch in it was agony, straight in the bin with that gift, so I cannot imagine how painful that would be anywhere near my cock or balls… a definite no

Unless you’re a masochist, steer WELL clear of epilators dude. If you want it smooth down south with minimal pain, I’d recommend either a hair removal cream or an IPL device.

Some IPLs also have a “frost balls” option that keeps the head of the device at about 4°C to prevent you burning your sack on the glass window of the unit. It’s worth a look if you want something more permanent than creams, but the results vary depending on skin and hair colour and may take a while for results to show.