Erotica advice

I've started getting into writing erotica, and like to start a proper piece. It'll just be a couple of chapters, but if I like where it's heading then maybe I could turn it into a full length story. Maybe I ould get it published!

The point is, I'd like to know what you'd like to see in an erotica. Would you like a straight couple, gay/lesbian couple? Vanilla or kinky? Any phrases you're fed up of seeing in written porn? "Their tongues battled for dominance" lol

Let me know! x

Having read fifty shades of grey there are an awful lot of phrases I would like to see gone such as referring to a woman's clit as her sex!!!!

I'd love to see a book where; A woman who beleives shes straight is slowly convinced she isn't by a flirty fun loving woman.

This girl could start out in an intense D/S relationship with a man, fully involved in the extreme side of sex and then actually learning to love her lost freedoms when shes out with this other woman. To be happy and content with a more simple, loving and 'different' expeirance of sex with this new woman.

I dunno I'd just love to see someone travel from Kinky to Vanilla (and also from straight to Bi), as all books focus on going from Vanilla to kinky. I guess I would just like to see something different to the whole fiftyshades storyline.

Maybe I've just supressed my attraction to women for too long :P :L

Why is a mans penis always called his member? His member of what? Parliament? Basketball team? I just dont get it?!