Extended penis sleeves

Bought this …

I have the average 6 inch but quite girthy penis and tried for the life of me to get this on, with lube, without lube, hard and slack and it just wouldn’t get on fully.

How’s it done, is there wider ones out there and tried it without me been attached and she enjoyed it so would like another or get the fu&&er on.

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Personally I am not on the girthy side so can’t advise unfortunately. Both the 2" and 3" sleeve has the same diameter and with a generous amount of lube inside the sleeve and on my old chap it fits OK. However the first one I bought 1" was pure Japanese torture as the diameter was a lot smaller!

I would say that the Lovehoney ones are what you see and if you can’t get them on without lube as suggested then unfortunately you are likely to struggle.

I haven’t got a link to hand, but there some on the Lovehoney site that can be turned inside out to aid with the way put on. If I can find an example I will load a link shortly.

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Just recently bought this one https://www.lovehoney.co.uk/product.cfm?p=37227
And when I first tried to use it, I too was having a hard time to put on. I’m scott the Dave scenario as you. Average size, but thicker around. I found to coat inside with lube using your fingers and also coat yourself. Then, squeeze the tip of the sleeve and placed over yourself. When you let the sleeve go, it will slide down your shaft. Might have to do this a couple times to get all the way on like I have to. Works wonders on the Mrs once it’s on, and after a few minutes. I don’t even notice it being tight around me anymore


I have the opposing problem to the other posters on this forum. After some surgery for an unrelated matter I was left with only about 4.25" when rock hard and 1 7/8 girth. I finally found this: https://www.lovehoney.com/p/fetish-fantasy-hollow-10-function-vibrating-strap-on-7-inch/79612.html and it is amazing with it’s strap on harness.

My wife loves this thing and after I finish inside her she asks me to bring out “Jeremy” and when I put the toy on she squeals and cums super hard. The toy remains in place the full time, regardless of our position and how hard I hammer her. Her orgasms are incredible.

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