Fab - safety advice

I have seen other comments from other members on this forum referring to the site commonly know as “FAB”
I’m not sure to what extent we are allowed to talk about this site, but I have a really important question to ask of any of its members/users.
My question is:
What is the best advice you can give to someone who is new to the site and wants to ensure that they are meeting someone trustworthy and safe. Not just someone who will try to kidnap you (although kidnap roll play does sound exciting)?

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Hey, as a single female who was previously on that site, safety was my number one worry.

Before ever meeting someone/a couple for sexual stuff, I would always insist on doing a social first. Like meeting for coffee/going for drinks in a pub etc. It helps break the ice, it gives you a chance to discuss what your expectations are and what you would like to get from the site. It also helped me rule out a few weirdos.


Social meets, read verifications that they received and given in return - to see how they talk about people. Take notice of their status updates - I find that these tell you more about the person as they’re not ‘performing’ when they post these, whereas some people are when they send a message.
I used the forums a lot when I was on it. Same goes with those, people are more likely to be themselves there.
Of course you could go to social meet and greets and only meet people that way.

Trust your gut and the vibes they’re giving off and don’t trust the photographs, a lot of the times they’re old or of someone else.


I would the same advice, social meet first, see if you get on, your on the same page before any sexual stuff. If your meeting a couple speak with the female on the phone first.


Speaking on the phone lets you know there is a woman in the couple, but do video chats, not phone calls. It could be anyone.

Don’t rush in to meeting anyone, if they’re insistent on not having a social meet then ask yourself why. Set your boundaries and stick to them.
My very first experience was naively letting someone come to my house for coffee, when I came out of the kitchen he was naked. He got shooed out and it almost put me off the site. I realised then that I needed to be more careful.


That’s a really good question @Emily_Bishop_89

It is always a worry on that particular site, but a few ways are listed above. Best ways are;

  • use your instinct … if you think something isn’t quite right - it probably isn’t! … just be wary.
  • arrange to meet at a club … it’s public and safe.
  • insist on a video chat / phone call … not proof, but an indicator.
  • verifications … if a member has a number of veris they are note likely to be genuine.

Apologies to LH if I have broken convention here.

R x

Damm , I thought this was a “Thunderbirds” thead !!!


I’ve seen some hotties on that site but seems to be very location dependent. Near me it’s all creepy weirdos and arseholes lol

You’re right @Zelda_Olivia … there are even men that dress as women!! … perish the thought!! Lol

#saidtongueincheek :wink::relaxed:


Also use a reverse image search app, there are so many people on it that use other peoples photos. Obvs the admin don’t use the apps, they just let anything go through :roll_eyes:

Concur with all above, although been many years since was on there.

With verifications, there are 2 types - one of course the profile (photo) itself. Although as @JoCat has alluded to, just because they have been verified using a photo (which if I remember correctly had to have date and username written on a bit of paper in the pic) it doesn’t people from not showing that pic (or of course photo-shopping something in) and using other peoples pics.

There’s also Meet Verifications - where others can verify you either from video cam or meetings, which are more reliable. However, the problem with this approach is that any newcomers cannot get anywhere because no one will give them time to meet and then verify - so could miss out on good people. Personally never got anywhere on there myself, but it was (expect it still is) very ‘male heavy’ in numbers.

So yeah trust your gut instincts. If in doubt, pass them by. If curious, talk to them on phone/video call. Always arrange to meet in a public place first, can always go somewhere more private if happy from there. Set your boundaries and stick to them.

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Sorry, another one from me :laughing:

Also on the back of ‘meet verifications’, that is to say that someone has met them in some form, whether its on cam or in person and they basically select whether the peraon is genuine or not genuine. Either option will give the person the :white_check_mark: to say they’re verified, which completely defeats the purpose.

People can display a summary of how many verifications they have and whether it was by ‘meet’ or video chat and whether they were male, female or couples. They can also hide this. They don’t need to display any of their actual verifications, they can pick and choose what to show.

I know this is all probably sounding a bit daunting, but if you work fab how you want to work it and stick to what you are comfortable with, then you can have a lot of fun with it.

Just don’t put all your hope in seeing that :white_check_mark: use your gut instinct too, thats what keeps you safe.

Having been on the site since 2008 originally as a single guy and since 2012 as a couple (yes we met on there and have been married 7 years now) its no different to any other online contact site or dating app.

The most important tools are simple. Common sense, no expectations, no haste and the golden rule - if something seems to good to be true it may well be.

The verification system is a really useful tool. People can hide them from public view and thats their prerogative, but a visible variety of feedback gives you the ability to both ensure someone is likely to be real, the gender they claim, and often gives you an idea of who they like to meet and where. Many verifications are from social or club events, not just sexual encounters and many (including us) prefer to show those rather than anything containing graphic depictions of meets.

Safety wise its always advisable to at least chat on the phone before meeting, again to ensure youre chatting to someone of the gender they claim. There are organised socials (details always listed in the club and events forum) which are a great way to meet people in a safe environment and network and my top tip to anyone is to seriously consider the club scene too.

Youre no more at risk on Fab than you are on Tinder, Grindr, or any dating app. The same common sense is needed whenever youre looking to meet someone where the initial contact was online.

But having seen and used many similar sites the only one we use now and would ever recommend is Fab.

The forums on there are a little different to here, but thats also a great place to browse profiles and see whos who. You may well spot some suspiciously familiar profiles.

Good luck! :wink:


All of the above but at some point you just have to trust people. Chances are they are probs thinking the same “what if they’re …” as you are

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In ‘his’ defense, he probs thought this is what you were expecting . Socials are nice but it is a ‘swing’ site

Normally I’d agree with you, but he was invited for coffee and a chat to put a face to the name and was told that was all that it would be.

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Fair play :grin:

I just find it weird sometimes just how quickly people do shed clothing

It made me change my tactic, everything in life is a blessing or a lesson. That was a lesson :laughing:

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Like Bruce Almighty :rofl:

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I think Fab works a lot better if you live somewhere like a city where there’s more people …