Felt odd hours after play, over stimulated?


Sorry if this is long and rambling, not feeling overly coherent today! So I've only been playing with toys around a year and it's my only experience (still a virgin) I have orgasmed from play many (most) times but with experience it is getting better and better. I had the best session yet last night and decided on a repeat this morning. I've never played in the morning before and although not quite as good as last night was still better than anything previously.

However for hours after I felt spaced out yet restless, I'm pretty certain I was feeling over stimulated as didn't want to eat and everything tasted odd when I did (and when I drank anything). I felt I needed to sleep and didn't want to move but couldn't stay still either.

I did eventually have a nap and feel much better but not 100% myself.

Although nothing diognosed I do suspect I might be on the bi-polar spectrum, I have definitely had phases of depression and feeling hyper and have felt a little highly strung this week (just put it down to a busy week at work though) but this morning it was almost like a conflict with the peace and inactivity my mind and body were naturally feeling, like I was fighting against it.

I'm not even sure what my question is, I guess it's is this just a normal 'afterglow' that I've then given myself a bit of an anxiety attack over, the spaced out feeling in itself was not unpleasant. Anyone else experienced similar? As I say I would usually go pretty much straight to sleep after play. Sorry again if I've rambled on!

I've had similar spaced out feelings after a good solo session. One day I self indulged nineteen times, that was my record. Was over the course of thirteen hours. Afterwards, my legs were useless. Driving was borderline dangerous. I felt confused and fluffy.

Sometimes when indulging in ones self, what you have eaten can determine how your body responds. Climaxing can be quite calorie consuming and breath taking to. The consumption of the calories and low blood sugar can bring on the feeling of being spaced out.

It's like adrenaline rush. And I'd imagine that with every new experience you have sexually the adrenaline rush will get stronger. That's how sex can get you, the urge to get that rush of blood and the endorphin release during and after can increase energy levels.

Like the old saying "jumping around like a dog with two dicks" #excited

Enjoy it, and keep up the fun. Xx

You haven't rambled and you have absolutely no need to apologise.....It's natural to be concerned about fee!Ings you've not experienced before.

I often feel like this.....Either after an intense session of sex with my oh or a good solo session. No need to be alarmed and a good many women would love to feel like that ! Enjoy your playtime....Just don't overdo it if you have another strenuous activity planned soon after xx

Thank you both, I think it was trying to fight against the feeling was the problem, escalating to a touch of anxiety, if I had just gone with it and said ok I'm not getting anything done for a while I would have been fine but I made myself restless. Lol, that's what's I get for achieving my aim of pushing my boundaries till I was broken mess. Noted - allow recovery time for morning sessions (now even less likely!)

Stay hydrated watch yoyr blood sugar and rest if you need too. You have good feedback already but wanted to lend a supportive reply that I can get in a odd headspace after solo play sometimes.

must admit it might not have been an issue if I had had someone to cuddle and doze with after. Thank you for your support, I do try to be aware and cautious of where my head is at.