First 'stroker', Lovehoney Intense vs Tracey Cox Supersex?

Hey there, all. So, I was looking for my second Lovehoney purchase (the first being the fantastic Lovehoney Bedtime 10-function Vibrating Butt-Plug, which is a must-buy, in my book), and was considering getting a stroker of some description. I was looking at these two:

and was just wondering if anybody has used both of them, and how they compare. The 'Intense' has the higher rating, but most people leaving feedback would probably not own both toys, so the relative rating is only so useful. Is it worth paying the extra for the Intense, or is the Supersex just as good, given that I've never used any kind of stroker or simulator before? (or the 'real thing', for that matter, but that's entirely my own problem)


Karl. :)

Good question! I haven't tried either but am certainly considering it. If its your first stroker why not go for the one in the sale?

I have experience with neither, but I do have experience with three tracey Cox strokers (The rounded ones) and one Lovehoney stroker (The black one) and my recommendation would be the Lovehoney one. In our experiences, the tracey Cox was thinner material (Although remember I am talking about different products from what you linked) anyway, they all tore within a few months or so. Our lovehoney stroker is still going strong like, 18 months later, without a single sign of damage or wear.

However, the Tracey Cox ones, in my partners experience, felt slightly nicer during use!

So, I don't know what to say other than, if you want durability, go for Lovehoney one. It is worth noting that products like Tenga Eggs and Flipholes also have a shorter shelf life than other more durable products too, so if you want the softer feeling stroker, go Tracey Cox. It is also worth noting that, just like women, every guy will have a different opinion on what "feels the best"

Ooo, it's tricky - but I would recommend the Lovehoney Intense Stroker. It's that bit wider so a bit easier to use for a first timer. The texture is also more pronounced on one side, so you can go for something really quite stimulating or something a bit more low-key.

p.s. really glad you liked the Bedtime Plug - it's one of my top picks (hence at the top of the Butt Plugs category on promo!)

Thanks for the quick replies, all!

I think, going by your recommendations and the reviews, I'll take your advice and go for the Lovehoney Intense. Thanks very much everyone.