Fleshlights - The Good, The Bad and The Chunky


Apologies to all if there is already a fleshlight thread somewhere! I've been looking and just could not spot one. Considering as well that the good old FL is a techy toy for the guys, I couldn't help but open a thread to really get to grips with this particular penis pleaser!!

So I am asking any and all Fleshlight users, be they ladies or gentlemen to throw thier hat into the ring here with some general tips, tricks and mods.

I'll start off with the easy one - Cleaning

What a beast to get to grips with!! I am amazed no one has marketed a Fleshlight drying machine!?!

How do you best go about drying this beast??

And, for owners of the Quickshot.

Does this need the same full care as the main FL? Does it need th renewal powder for example!

Shout out!



With my fleshlight, I clean with hot soapy water, and to dry I Wang it about a bit, like swinging a cat by its tail (which is also fun - but not a story for here), then I just leave it on a towel to dry, once sufficiently aired I'll stick the renewal powder in it - remember half the job of the renewal powder is to absorb moisture.
I don't have a quick shot.
Have you looked at blewit - that has a grill in the cap.to let water from cleaning escape.

For my full size Fleshlights/Fleshjacks - A thorough rinse with warm, soapy water followed by a quick squeeze to remove as much of the water from the canal as possible. At this point, i'll carefully run a lint-free cloth through the canal to again, help remove the excess. Then I will leave it to air dry before dusting and putting back inside the case.

For the Quickshot, they are much quicker and easier to clean, and don't take nearly as long to dry. I found that they don't really need powdering (besides, if you powder the clear one, it becomes less clear which kind ruins the whole point!). They are great for just using solo or if you combine it with oral as well - it's pretty sweet.