I've recently purchased a flogger and me and me fella are going to try it out this weekend does anyone have any tips to get the best out of it any advice would be appreciated thank you xx

I would use it to run up and down areas and tease bum cheeks and thighs are top zones alternating each side.

Thank you we do have a feather tickler and he blindfolds and restrains me so I can't see where he's going next with it gets me very worked up lol xx

Thank you for the advice he does use his hand very often to slap my butt and also a riding crop I know he'd never hurt me I'm guessing he just wants to tease me with it until he's used to using it as we are both pretty new to it all xx

Don’t be shy! If you are both up for it then dive straight in. My wife likes to use these as it gives her control and makes sure I don’t step out of line. If you figure out how much you can handle once then you are set for time and time again.

Thank you 🙂

Have you thought also gags too in regards the restraints tickler style also

It's something I've thought about yes x

Alicia4Ever wrote:

If he has never used one before; assuming it's him who's using it, get him to practice on a cushion or something, so he can get a sense of how hard to swing.

It can be nice too, if he sometimes uses the palm of his hand, and as you get into it, you can get other things for him to use, such as a paddle, they all feel slighly different to the reciever so it adds to the what's comming next factor.

I second the whole practicing on a cushion thing! Definitely helps with getting your aim right.

I like to blindfold my partner and then slowly run the flogger up and down their body to tease them for a bit before going in with gentle swings in a figure of 8. Using the figure of 8 method means that you can swing continuously without knackering your wrist, plus you can alternate bum cheeks pretty easily.

Make sure to aim for the fleshy part of the bum and avoid going above it as you could potentially damage the kidneys and other squishy things.

Have fun! ![](upload://l9s9e23YKLHpoOzgGVeUkhZGcEr.gif)

My OH is not into flagellation at all but I do use our flogger to tease her when we are using the under beds restraints. Dangling the fronds of the flogger gently up and down her skin really has her moaning. A blindfold adds to the suspense.

In reverse mode she makes ample use of the flogger to, err, encourage me to more effort when kneeling between her thighs. The occasional lash across my back and buttocks stimulates concentration.

Sounds good to me still not had chance try it out yet but I'm sure we will get to it at some point haha 😂 x