Get Well Soon Bubbles......From Us All

If you read the ARE YOU STILL HERE THREAD ????? you will notice that the lovely "Bubblemagic" is not at her best at the moment...... So I for one would just like to say...GET WELL SOON BUBBLES....from all your mates in OA, Love you Babes .....xxxxxxx

Come on you all....add a message

Aww Sweetie get well, Take it easy and make ur partner or at least someone else rally around like a faitfull little puppy for you so u can just rest up and get to ur best!!

THANK-YOU my lovely friends I'm very touched by your genuine concern. I'm going away for a few days on monday to Barcelona with hubby and his mum so that should perk me up good and proper. I'm well on the mend but do you think I can get my old brain working not a chance!!! Love and kisses Bubbles.

Have a lovely time hun xxxxxxx

Have a nice time .... and dont worry about your brain working you have looks and sex apeal to go on :P heheheh have fun!!

Hi Bubbles,
Are you back yet?
Enjoy your wonderful break ?
Are you feeling yourself yet (take thay any way you want) ?
Need your input hun its gone quiet again on here.

Sorry to hear you are not well Bubblemagic, hope you have a really good time in Barcelona and it really does the trick recuperation wise.

Get well soon honey...

Hello my friends I'm back!!! How are you all!! I'm feeling back to my old self (pardon the pun) and looking forward to reading your reviews and comments. Keep up the good work and when I have anything remotely interesting to say I'll pipe up loud and clear. LOVE to you ALL Bubs.