Cravings....Trollstar...LAYNIE ???
and Bubblemagic ? Why have we all stopped posting ?
Tash did you ever sign up to OA ?

Was rather wondering the same !!

Well at least we got 1 where are the others ??

Well LAYNIE after what I've JUST read in "on going story" I'm not surprised you went into hiding....."The Martini Girl" got her own back on me...... pink whips and cherry lube ok ???

Hello my very good friend lesleys !!! I've not been very well so I've been confined to bed (not in a good way).I've been watching out for you all when I'm allowed up, but, as I had nothing of interest to contribute I thought I'd just sit back and enjoy the banter. You really are the nicest people, so witty and yet so knowegable. You don't loose me that easily.

At the risk of being accussed of turning this into a P/m board....have made that suggestion previously.....sorry to hear you've been poorly hope your on the mend and back to being a naughty girl again before much longer....this is just my own opinion but ever since we had the "schoolkids/trolls" in early August rubbishing all the reviews both the quantity and quality of postings have dropped....any thoughts on that anyone ???
Anyway take care "Bubbles" and get well soon xxxxxx