gift help

hi there i was hoping sum one out there might have this item if so what do you thing of it? im thinking of geting this for my wife for her birthday. so if anyone out there can help or if any one has any other sujestons then id be very greatfull for the help.

link doesnt work

yes thats the one not sure what i did wrong she is a 36dd size 14/16 depending on what she wearing or wear from. i know its hard to comment on this kind of thing i think she would look great in it but nice sum times to get another veiw but with kind of thing it is its not that to ask sumone we know if you no what i mean.

i think its pretty! Not tarty or over the top,but nice and classy if she likes sexy lingerie!

she likes both the classy type as well as the kinky type stuff. just not sure what way to go. also as she has good size boobs not sue if there is any kind of support in it?